Cappadocia Kaymakli Underground City

There are many historical and touristic places to visit in the Cappadocia region. Cappadocia, which hosts natural and artificial artifacts due to its geological structure, is visited by curious people from all over the world. In addition to its natural beauties, one of the areas you should definitely visit is the underground cities. One of these magnificent and admirable formations is the Cappadocia Kaymakli Underground City. It is an incredibly impressive experience to see these areas, which have been inherited to us and made their name known to the whole world.

These structures were built to shield people from the dangers of the time, and they began their lives as underground cities. It was created to protect against potential external threats. Civilizations have helped to enlarge it. Tunnels connected small cavities to each other through time, building underground towns.
In this article about the Cappadocia Kaymakli Underground City Tour, you can see the structure of the city, its general features, visiting hours, entrance fees, and the details it highlights.
Now if you are ready for this deep journey, let’s get started!

Where is Kaymakli Underground City?

There is more than one underground city in the Cappadocia region. The underground city of Cappadocia Kaymakli is right here, perhaps separating it from other underground cities. It is located on the Nevşehir-Niğde highway. This city, which is on the right while going in the direction of Nevşehir via Niğde, can be seen at a distance of approximately 20 km from Nevşehir. It is located around more than a hundred tunnels in the Cappadocia region. (You can check the bottom of the article for transportation.)

Kaymaklı Underground City Tour
Kaymaklı Underground City Tour

Kaymakli Underground City History

It is different from other underground cities in terms of plan structure and establishment. This special underground connection, which is unique in the world, was created by carving tuffs.
Tuff is a volcanic material and covers an important part in the formation of Cappadocia. Thanks to this material, which is less durable and easily eroded than other rocks, cavities can be opened.

It is not known which tool or tools were excavated. Therefore, it is a very exciting feeling to encounter such a wonderful structure at that time, which was far from today’s technology!
Cappadocia Kaymakli underground city, BC. It has a history dating back to 3000 years. Its name is mentioned as ‘Enegüp’ in old sources.

One of the most curious questions is how many floors Cappadocia Kaymakli Underground City has. Although the city has 8 floors, 4 floors can be visited today. The deepest navigable point is 20 m below the surface. It was opened to the public in 1964.

Kaymakli Underground City UNESCO

This city, which you can explore easily, has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
The first floor was built during the Hittite period and expanded during the Roman and Byzantine periods. It was used very actively, especially in the Byzantine period. With the further expansion of each incoming community, it has culturally caused the previous life to be erased. Still, traces of ancient civilizations are observed.

Cappadocia region, which has been exposed to invasions many times, has been allowed to create a shelter for itself thanks to tuffs. First of all, these underground cities are mentioned in Ksenephon’s book ‘Anabasis (The Return of the Ten Thousand)’. Xenophon, the first war correspondent, mentions that a huge army rested in these underground cities during their journey (400 BC).

Kaymaklı Underground City Tour Prices
Kaymaklı Underground City Tour Prices

Kaymakli Underground City Plan

Before we start…

First, the corridors are narrow and interconnected. It can be visited in about half an hour. Before starting, it is useful to consider that it is closed and narrow. There is no problem with ventilation. The city is positioned around the main ventilation system. Even on the 4th floor, the presence of this ventilation system is quite palpable.
Just follow the guiding arrows during the journey. It is important to follow the inbound and outbound arrows in the correct order. Otherwise, it is possible to encounter another visitor in a place where a person must bend over. In addition, by walking around with a guide, the structures seen in the surrounding can be better understood. If it is toured without a guide, it may be difficult to understand exactly what is what.
Floor plans

The tour begins with incredible excitement. Steps are taken towards the city to travel in history. It has a slightly earthy smell. Are you ready to say ‘hello’ to thousands of years of history?

Kaymaklı Underground City 1st Floor

A barn is welcomed at the entrance. Due to narrow corridors, the transportation of animals is likely to be a problem. Therefore, it is logical to consider the first floor as a barn. It is more practical to use the entrance instead of trying to take the animals to other floors. Especially when animal husbandry is common, animals are even more important. Traces of the managers still remain.

Then, stone and sliding doors appear. These doors are generally close to 2 meters and weigh almost half a ton. The doors can only be opened from the inside, which provides security. This precaution taken to protect from external dangers is important to gain time when an attack occurs. With the hole in the middle of the door, it may have been possible to see and perhaps attack the enemy.

Kaymaklı Underground City Turkey Cappadocia Private Tour Prices
Kaymaklı Underground City Turkey Cappadocia Private Tour Prices

Kaymakli Underground City 2nd Floor

From here, you are led to the church and other living spaces through the gates and passage. The church on the 2nd floor has a single nave and two apses. The nave is the central aisle in the church. The apse is the holiest place in architecture and church, which is a semicircle inside. The cemeteries next to the churches, the baptismal stone, and the sitting platforms around it are quite impressive. Although there is no clear information, it is assumed that the cemeteries were built for church officials.
By moving places of worship such as churches from the ground to the underground in this way, there may be a possibility that much more secret works can be carried out with a more comfortable understanding.

Kaymakli Underground City 3rd Floor

Perhaps the most important areas of this underground city are located on the 3rd floor. The kitchen, wine, and supply cabinets are located on this floor. This is the place to store the wines obtained with products such as wheat and flour. A winery is a place where grape juice is crushed and rested, where wine is made. One of the most famous areas is the grinding of copper by using andesite stone. The copper ore is crushed by placing it in pits of about 10 cm and is made ready to be melted. Andesite, which has been used with its durability from the past to the present, was brought here from the lava in the area where the underground city is located. Copper, on the other hand, was probably mined from a quarry close to Nevsehir.

Underground Cities Turkey Cappadocia Private Tour Prices
Underground Cities Turkey Cappadocia Private Tour Prices

Kaymakli Underground City 4th Floor

The presence of the food warehouses on the 4th floor directs the local people to a positive point of view about the economy. In addition, considering the number of kitchens, it is understood that kitchens are common areas. One of the most beautiful aspects of this city is that the local people still use suitable places like warehouses or cellars through some tunnels. Thus, it reminds us that people living now are part of future history.

Kaymaklı Underground City Population

Although this wonderful building has not been completely cleaned, it can be said that it is one of the largest underground cities in the vicinity by looking at its 4 floors. Moreover, it suggests that a large number of people may have lived due to the spread and multiplicity of the supply depots. It is estimated that it can hold about 5,000 people at the same time.

Cappadocia Kaymakli Underground City, which is quite large, is still half the size of Derinkuyu Underground City. It is estimated that Derinkuyu, whose deepest point is 55 m, on the 8th floor, can accommodate approximately 20,000 people. In the face of this situation, it can be understood how far underground cities have progressed.

Kaymaklı Underground City Communication and channels

Warm weather prevails in summer and winter. The city contains holes around 5-10 cm for both ventilation and communication. Moreover, there are water wells that are not connected to the earth. The lack of connection of these wells with the surface may also be for security purposes. There are also holes for toilet needs.

There are triangular spaces for lighting on the walls. Lighting takes place by placing the ‘linseed oil’ material in these spaces. These places are called ‘bezirlik’ and the place where the oil is produced is called ‘bezirhane’.
Also, the idea that there are connections with other underground cities via secret tunnels is quite common. It is estimated that there is a 10 km tunnel between Derinkuyu Underground City. However, the correctness of this idea has not yet been proven.

Locals of Kaymaklı Underground City

As a result, this underground city has all the accommodation facilities for a community to live temporarily. Some people believe that aliens built this brilliantly organized metropolis because every detail is so intriguing.

Kaymaklı, the underground city that you might want to visit more than once, fascinates us with its thousands of years of history. Its architecture and its design in accordance with use astonish you. During the trip, you can feel as if you have gone back to those times and lived.

These cities, which began as a means of self-defense, grew in size and complexity through time, eventually becoming one-of-a-kind destinations. It was also visited by soldiers at the time, owing to its structure and the creation of tunnels. Its narrowness and occasional purposeful short portions make it impossible to carry out a quick attack. İt gives time to the host inside. It also contains various traps in its depths for enemies. In this respect, it is quite successful and surprising.

The most exciting part might be imagining what people used to do in this city long ago. One of them can be to think about which room and how they were spending their days. People wonder about the feeling of sleeping with their backs to the tuffs of the underground castle they trust.

And the journey ends here. You are leaving behind another wonderful and unique experience. Now you have an unforgettable memory that you have! You can take photos inside and immortalize your moment. Moreover, you can buy souvenirs from the shopkeepers located around the city and keep them as memories.

Kaymaklı Underground City Adress

Kaymakli / NEVSEHIR

Kaymakli Underground City Directions

During your trip to the underground city, you may want to look at other popular areas.

  • Ozluce Underground City 6 km
  • Derinkuyu Underground City 10 km
  • Mazı Underground City 10 km
  • Uchisar 21 km
  • Nevsehir Center 21 km
  • Goreme 27 km
  • Cavusin 30 km
  • Urgup 31 km
  • Avanos 37 km
  • Tatlarin (Acıgol) Underground City 46 km
  • Ozkonak Underground City 50 km

Kaymakli Underground City Transportation

Although you can provide transportation with your private car, by renting a car or by bus, it is a great advantage to prefer tours. This tour includes access to the sightseeing area from your hotel, as well as transportation back to your hotel after the dinner and meal.
Around the city, there are areas such as fuel, market, hotel, restaurant, cash machine that you can use according to your needs. Parking is free.

Kaymaklı Underground City Entrance Fee

Museum Status

We talked about everything, but in fact, one of the most curious subjects is the material part of this business. You can see the answer to this question below.
The underground museum can be visited with various tours and groups. Especially by participating in this tour, you can pay approximately 120 € per person, including the vehicle, guide, museum entrances, and transfer fees, and you can have a pleasant time and benefit from all these areas. 

The importance of being around with a guide is particularly prominent.
The museum is open every day, and up-to-date information should be obtained from the museums within the scope of corona measures. 

The closing time of the museum may change depending on the winter and summer months. 

The city opens and closes between 08:00 – 17:00 for visiting. The last application for toll booths is at 16:15. 

Contact Numbers

Phone -> +90 534 840 4683

Whatsapp -> +90 534 840 4683
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