Cappadocia Horse Tour, Horseback Riding Tour

Cappadocia is the meeting of natural and historical beauties. The region, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, covers the geography spread from Nevsehir to Nigde, Aksaray, and Kayseri provinces. The table of the civilizations Cappadocia draws very big attention with its traditional appearance and untouched human touch. To introduce the Cappadocia region to the local and foreign tourists many events and activities are organized. The Cappadocia horse tour is just one of them and it has been attracting great attention from all guests for many years. 
Therefore, Cappadocia is known as the land of beautiful horses and this attracts the attention of the whole world with its unique and beautiful trained horses. This touristic activity, which started in the 1980s and continues to this day without losing its popularity, even continues to increase. What are you waiting for to explore this amazing geography that emerges from the depths of history during the sunset with the cool wind blowing gently on your face, on the top of the beautiful horse? 

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tour Prices Turkey
Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tour Prices Turkey

Cappadocia, the Land of the Beautiful Horses  

Cappadocia is a geographic area that has known its name in Turkey and the World. Fairy chimneys, balloon tours, and also one the important activities activity the horse tours are the preferred activities by tourists. A fact from the Persian Empire is that Cappadocia is the land of beautiful horses. İt is observed that there are many varieties, of wild and also extremely beautiful horses in the geography that was established and expanded therefore the Persian period. The region began to be calledKatpatukawhich means the land of beautiful horses in Persian and this name had been used until to this day. 

Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tours Adventure

Before starting the Cappadocia horse tour everyone who is curious about Cappadocia and wants to experience the adventure of a horse tour has many question marks in their minds. First of all, it is not necessary to have been riding a horse to be included in the horse tour in Cappadocia. Horse tours, which everyone can participate in, take place in the company of professional guides.

There are two kinds of tours available which are short and long. After you decide which one is right for you, you can start the tour with your group of friends or with your family. Children under the age of 6 can ride horses with their parents and it does not pose any danger but children over the age of 6 can make the tour alone with the guidance of experts. Before starting the tour, you will be given a short study by professional riders. İn this way you will overcome your fears and you will feel more comfortable during the tour.

Horseback Riding Tours with Friends

The horse tours that you will participate in as a group will be much more fun and colorful. During the horse tour, many precautions are taken in advance and necessary organizations are made for your safety, peace, and comfort. According to the packages you will buy, transfers are made as you are picked up and dropped back at your hotel. Health insurance, guide services, the training given before the tour, the equipment required for the horseback riding, and some refreshments are included in the service. You do not pay any extra fees for these. İf you want to go to the horse farm with your vehicle and don’t want to go with the transfer you can take advantage of the free parking services on the farm.

We recommend that the reservation process should not be left to the last days because it may not be possible to find a place, especially during the holiday season.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tour Prices Turkey
Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tour Prices Turkey

How İs the Cappadocia Horse Riding Tours During Sunrise? 

When to do the Cappadocia horse tour? This question can be answered at any time of the day. But the most preferred time zone is the sunrise and the sunset. At these hours Cappadocia presents a fascinating visual feast for the guests of the beautiful amazing colorful sky. İn the early hours of the day, you need to go to the area where the tour will begin with the organization company from your hotel. The tour start times change during the winter and summer months. İn winter, the horse tour starts around 05.30/06.30, while in summer it starts between 04.30/and 05.45.

Balloons also accompany your horse tour with the amazing colorful sky. There are breaks in some areas for you to photograph or make videos of this beautiful tour. To make this fascinating journey permanent, you can also request professional photography and video shooting. Cappadocia horse tours generally take 2 hours. But these hours can change however you want. 

Cappadocia Horse Tour Prices During Sunset
Cappadocia Horse Tour Prices During Sunset


How To Do a Horse, Horseback Riding Tour at Sunset? 

One of the most preferred periods of horse tours in Cappadocia is the sunset. The sunset horse tour sees a lot of demand. One of the reasons for this is you do not need to get up early in the morning, and the second reason is that is cooler than the other tours. This fun horse tour starts 2 hours before the sunset. İn the summer months the tour starts around 17.00/18.00, and in the winter months, it starts around 15.00/16.00. 

Where To Visit During the Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour? 

Your starting point for the Cappadocia Horse Tour is the equestrian center. The places to visit and see places with horses in Cappadocia are almost the same. There may be a few minor changes made bythe tour company and the equestrian centers. At the same time, you can choose the horse that will accompany your journey. You can take one of the Arabian, English, or Anatolian horses that you feel close to you at the moment as your companion. İn addition, you can get information about the docileness of the horses and choose this direction. You will be guided by experts known as ‘native cowboys‘. While leaving yourself in the arms of an adventure, you will have an opportunity to get to know the whole region. 
Places to visit during the Cappadocia horse tour: 

  • Rose valley
  • The Crusader Church  
  • Mast Church  
  • Göreme historical national park  
  • İnside the Red Valley Kızılçukur observation deck and Hill
  • Anna Joachim Church
  • Cavusin Village  
  • Valley of the Swords  
  • Love Valley  
  • Pasabag
  • Meskendir Valley
  • Pigeon Valley

can be listed. This destination varies according to the tour time that you prefer. Therefore, before deciding how many hours you will tour, we recommend that you find out which regions are visited within the package programs. On these routes where vehicles cannot enter, you complete your tour by passing through valleys, lush vineyards, fairy chimneys, and charming villages on the horse. During the tour, you can take a break at any place you want and photograph the amazing unique landscapes. This geography makes you forget the chaos, confusion, and also noise of the city. When you leave Cappadocia sure you will start counting the days to come back again. 

Cappadocia Horse Farms 

Cappadocia horse farms are generally known as the starting point of horse tours. Here you can meet the horses, love them and also can feed them at the same time. İf you want to have breakfast before the horse tour, horse farms are exactly perfect for that. İts not only the geographical structure of Cappadocia but also the breakfasts are so natural too. You can drink your tea while pigeons fly and the balloons float in the sky with the beautiful weather. Every product you see on your plate at the Cappadocia breakfast is plucked from its branch and served for you. Of course, various kinds of cheeses, jams, and olives color your breakfast table. You will have a delicious breakfast that you will remember and tell people even after you leave Cappadocia. 

What To Wear During the Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tour? 

First of all, it is very important to be comfortable during the Cappadocia horse tour, which is going to take at least 2 hours. To enjoy the tour to the fullest, you should not let anything disturb your comfort. That’s why you should end the day peacefully in the clothes you prefer while going on a horse tour.

During the Cappadocia horse tour, it is recommended to wear clothes that are flexible and which will not disturb your body. You should not forget to choose by considering the seasonal conditions. You can enjoy the day more easily by wearing trousers and sweatpants rather than skirts or dresses. Likewise, it is recommended to dress in layers, considering the weather change. Also, flat sandals or sneakers are recommended for your comfort. İn addition, it is recommended not to wear jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or anklets too much, considering the risk of falling and getting lost. You can bring a hat or a shawl with you so the sun does not disturb you. 

How To Organize a 2-Hour Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour? 

The most preferred hore tour by Cappadocia guests is a 2-hour horse tour. Tourists, who think that 1-hour horse tours are insufficient and 3/4 hours horse tours are too long, find 2-hour horse tours are suitable for them. 2-hour horse tours are highly preferred, it is recommended that you contact the tourism agency you came in advance. hour2-hourCappadocia horse tours are mostly organized at sunset time. The 2-hour horse tour covers the immediate surrounding area. After a few valleys, the tour ends at the horse farm. 
During the 2-hour horse tour breaks and also refreshments are given on the routes. İf it’s necessary, meals are also eaten in predetermined areas. After all the guests have rested, the tour continues and the tour is completed when the finish route is reached. 

Cappadocia Horseback Riding Tour Programs for the Honeymooners 

Welcoming local and foreign tourists, Cappadocia also has witnessed many special moments too. Cappadocia, which sometimes hosts birthdays and marriage proposaşs, is the most preferred domestic route among honeymooners. With its mystical atmosphere and fascinating nature, you will feel the romance and beauty in your soul. You can breathe the smell of history in century-old caves and stone hotels. You can benefit from many special options within the honeymoon packages. The package you will receive depends on the season you will go, how many nights you are going to stay, the hotel you prefer and the programs you want to do. İn the honeymoon package you will receive: 

  • Arrival and return Transfers
  • 3 night’s accommodation
  • Evening meals
  • 2 Different Cappadocia tours
  • Lunch on the tour
  • Museum entrance tickets  
  • Guidance service
  • Special honeymoon room decoration
  • Honeymoon special fruit plate
  • ATV/ Horse Tour 

Activities are available. You can consider these services as an average package. These options can be changed according to your preferences. The Cappadocia horse tour is an essential activity to explore the region. That’s why if you don’t have the horse tour in your package, you should not forget to add it. We recommend that you do a general price and service analysis before deciding on a tour company or the service you will receive. İn addition, we strongly recommend that you work with experienced hotels and companies to return happily from your tour. 

What Are the Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour Prices? 

Cappadocia horse tour activity does not only consist of horse tours, it also includes many services. There are packages prepared to carry out a safe and comfortable horse tour in this unique natural geography. At the same time, there are hourly programs prepared according to your request. İn 2022, an average of 25 € is requested for a 1-hour horse tour and an average of 40 € is for a 2-hour horse tour in Cappadocia. These prices include package programs. Prices vary in line with the extension of the tour and extra requests. 
İt is arranged at different prices to suit all budgets so that all the guests can make their dream real of a Cappadocia horse tour. You can take the enchanted air of Cappadocia, explore the historical valleys with its beautiful horses, and join the amazing sky journey. 

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