Cappadocia Hike Tour

Cappadocia Hike Tour

Cappadocia Hike Tours are the most curious thing for hiking enthusiasts in Cappadocia trips. The Cappadocia is the best place to see the legendary valleys with their views and to enjoy a unique trekking experience. Cappadocia Hike tour will leave you unforgettable memories and landscapes. Because hiking in the unique nature and clean air of Cappadocia will give your body peace. In addition, it will be a festive walk for your eyes with its postcard-like landscapes. While enjoying hiking, you can take pictures of the beauties that you cannot see anywhere else. Moreover, Cappadocia hiking tours are open to everyone. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose the route that suits you by examining the hiking tours.

Cappadocia fascinates its visitors with its uniquely beautiful valleys. There are many activities you can join to visit these valleys. Among the most interesting of these activities are the Cappadocia ATV tour, Cappadocia horse tour, Cappadocia camel tour, and Cappadocia hiking tour. Cappadocia hiking tour is the tour most preferred by trekking enthusiasts who want to catch the small details of the places they visit.

Cappadocia valleys will fascinate you with their fascinating nature and peaceful air. However, the hiking valleys of Cappadocia will surprise you with their historical and cultural heritage. Most of the valleys in Cappadocia were formed by soft volcanic layers erupted by Erciyes Mountain, Gullu Mountain, and Hasan Mountain millions of years ago. These layers have been eroded by wind and rain over the centuries. As a result, Cappadocia and Fairy Chimneys took their current form. For this reason, many caves and cavities in the valleys were used as shelters in the past. However, interesting churches and monasteries built by people living in Cappadocia for centuries are also located in these valleys.

 Cappadocia Valleys Hike Tour

Cappadocia is home to the most beautiful valleys that can be chosen for hiking. Therefore, hiking tours are an indispensable part of Cappadocia trips. There are even tourists who visit Cappadocia just for trekking. So, your trip to Cappadocia is an unmissable opportunity to walk in the vast valleys and see extraordinary views. It is in your hands to spend a day beyond your imagination during your Cappadocia holiday. The most striking one among these magnificent valleys is Aksaray Ihlara Valley.

 Ihlara Valley attracts trekking enthusiasts with its clean nature. Besides, it offers magnificent views. Therefore, it is also a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Because, with its valley views, it adds peace and serenity to your walk. Besides, it also allows you to take unique photos. It will allow you to capture extraordinary shots with its various trees, the Melendiz Stream that gives life to the valley, and the thousands of creatures it hosts.

Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley, one of the fascinating valleys in Cappadocia, is famous for its beauty and magnificent scenery. Because Ihlara Valley is in the Cappadocia region, it is thought to be in Nevsehir by some people. However, if you ask which province Ihlara Valley is in, the answer will be Aksaray. Because of its unique beauty, Ihlara Valley causes people to ask the questions “How did Ihlara Valley come into being, how did such a beauty come to be?”

Aksaray Ihlara Valley also hosts many restaurants and camping areas. Ihlara Valley hosts many restaurants and camping areas. You can have a pleasant lunch break at the restaurants in the region. Apart from that, if you want to camp in the region, there are various camping areas. You can stay in a tent camping or with a caravan.

Ihlara Valley, with its abundant greenery and tree nature, offers a picture straight out of postcards. Unlike other valleys in the Cappadocia region, such as Gulludere Valley, Lovers Valley, or Pigeon Valley, it will surprise you with its lush nature. Therefore, we can say that it is among the most suitable valleys for trekking. It will also get plus points from trekking lovers with its length and depth.

How Ihlara Valley Was Formed

 Aksaray Ihlara Valley amazes those who see it with its unique structure. Therefore, one of the most curious things for visitors is how this valley was formed. Ihlara Valley was formed from the lava sprayed by Hasan Mountain. The Melendiz Stream has eroded the lava erupting from Hasan Mountain for centuries. This is how Ihlara Valley was formed as it is today. As here, the valleys formed as a result of the erosion of the volcanic layer by water are called canyon valleys. Therefore, Aksaray Ihlara Valley is a canyon valley. This valley, which took millions of years to form and is still changing, is a natural beauty that must be seen. It is a unique legacy, both in length and in-depth.

Where is Ihlara Valley

 Ihlara Valley, which has the characteristics of a canyon valley, is located in the Guzelyurt district of Aksaray province. The valley is approximately 45 km from the center of Aksaray. Ihlara Valley starts in Ihlara Village and ends in Belisırma Village. When you join the hiking tour, you get off in Ihlara Village with the tour bus and start hiking. You do not need to return to Ihlara Village when your walk is over. Because the tour bus picks you up from the finish point. Apart from this, the distance of the valley to Nevsehir is approximately 85 km. In addition, the distance of Ihlara Valley to Kayseri is approximately 150 km.

 Ihlara Valley Length

 One of the most curious questions of those who want to take a hiking tour in Ihlara Valley is how many kilometers is Aksaray Ihlara Valley. Aksaray Ihlara Valley is approximately 18 km long, 200 m wide, and 150 m deep on average. In other words, Ihlara Valley is among the largest canyons both in our country and in the world. For this reason, Ihlara Valley is home to thousands of living species. Besides, Ihlara Valley has hosted people in the past.

As a result, Ihlara Valley is a very interesting canyon with its size and the creatures living in it. For this reason, it is the center of attention of many tourists from both domestic and abroad every year. Trekking lovers join the Cappadocia hiking tour from all over the world to enjoy trekking in this unique canyon valley. If you want to see this unique valley and spend a nice day walking in Cappadocia, it will be enough to join the Cappadocia hiking tour.

Places to Visit in Ihlara Valley

 One of the most curious subjects for those who will visit the impressive Ihlara Canyon Valley in Aksaray for the first time is the places to visit. Ihlara Valley has an important place in Christianity. It is known that monks and priests were secluded in this valley in the early periods of Christianity. In addition, there are more than 100 religious buildings in this legendary canyon. The canyon also has amazing structures such as underground churches. Unfortunately, only about 10 churches can be visited in the canyon. Because most of the structures have been damaged by natural means or due to the wars they have spent over the centuries.

These structures, which have been home to priests and members of the Christian religion for centuries, are now closed to worship. However, its doors are still open to visitors. Among these churches, Yılanlı Church, Agacaltı Church, and Sumbullu Church are the most popular ones. In addition, there are Purenliseki Church and Kokar Church, whose historical structure is well preserved. In addition, St. George Church, also known as Kırkdamaltı Church, is one of the churches that can be visited.

 However, places to visit in the valley are not limited to churches. Apart from monasteries and churches, there is the Melendiz Stream, which is the biggest heritage of the valley. Melendiz Stream eroded the lava erupted from Hasan Mountain and formed the Ihlara Valley over time. Therefore, it is the Melendiz Stream that makes the valley a valley. Melendiz Stream accompanies its visitors throughout the canyon during the walk. Both the relaxing view of the water and the sound of the flowing tea create unique feelings for the visitors. This experience, which must be tasted by hiking lovers, leaves unforgettable memories for those who experience it.

 Belisırma Village

 It is connected to the Guzelyurt district of Aksaray. Greeks used to live in this small village. The Greeks named it “peristrema”, meaning “beautiful view”, because of the fascinating view of the village. Over time, this name became Turkish and became Belisırma. However, the scenery of the village has not lost anything of its beauty.

Belisırma Village is a small village established by the Melendiz Stream. It is also located in the middle of the Ihlara Valley. There are many caves and churches in the village. The frescoes on the walls of these buildings have also contributed greatly to historical research. Adding beauty to the beauty of Ihlara Valley, this small village still attracts a lot of attention. This charming village included in the tour route will add incredible views to your trekking. This village, which is like a postcard, will also allow you to take beautiful photos. For this reason, this tour is a unique opportunity for those who love to take nature photos.

 Cappadocia Trekking Tour Trails

 The Cappadocia region contains many valleys. One of the most remarkable and must-see of these is Aksaray Ihlara Valley. Ihlara Valley is a canyon valley formed as a result of erosion of volcanic eruptions by the Melendiz Stream. Among the many Cappadocia Hike tour, hiking trails, Ihlara Valley is the most preferred trail for trekking lovers. Because Ihlara Valley provides a very long way for trekking with its approximately 16 km hiking trail. Apart from that, it offers a walk-in touch with nature with its many trees and Melendiz Stream.

 Ihlara Valley is a peaceful canyon that fascinates those who see it. It offers an extraordinary texture to its visitors with its historical and cultural structures. The churches in the canyon valley are structures that have challenged centuries and witnessed many historical events and civilizations. In addition, Melendiz Stream, which is the main element in the formation of the valley. It is a natural beauty that manages to impress its visitors. Therefore, the Cappadocia hike tour is an activity that impresses trekking lovers with Ihlara Valley.

 Cappadocia Hike Tour Route

 This tour is formed by the Ihlara Valley, which has a throne in the hearts of trekking lovers with its length. The valley is approximately 150 m deep, 200 m wide, and 18 km long. The walk will take place in the Ihlara Valley all day.

The Hike track in the valley is an average of 16 km. During the lunch break, a meal will be eaten or a picnic will be held in Belisırma Village. After the 16 km walk is completed, the Hiking tour will be completed by returning to the hotel. Participants of the hiking tour will be dropped off at Ihlara Valley by tour bus and will return to the hotel by tour bus after the walk is completed. In other words, the people participating in the tour do not need to return to the Ihlara Valley. Because the tour bus will pick them up from the exit point.

 Cappadocia Hike Tour Prices

 This private hiking tour in Cappadocia will take place in the uniquely beautiful Ihlara Valley. With a length of approximately 18 km, Ihlara Valley is one of our longest canyon valleys. This canyon, which is admired by trekking enthusiasts, is one of the must-see valleys. This tour, which is one of the private hiking tours of Cappadocia, allows you to spend the whole day with the magnificent nature of Ihlara Valley.

Departure to Ihlara Valley, lunch, and return to hotel services are included in the tour. Additionally, there is a guide service during the valley hike. The cost of this tour, where you will witness the historical and natural beauties of Ihlara Valley, is 120 € for per person. If you want to witness history with churches that have survived for centuries or take a peaceful walk with the Melendiz Stream, all you have to do is to join the Cappadocia private hiking tour.

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