Cappadocia Camel Tour

Cappadocia Camel Tour

Before we talk about Cappadocia Camel Tour; Just like the meaning of its name, Cappadocia, which we can call the “Land of Beautiful Horses”. Is the place with the most popular natural beauties of Turkey. If you want to visit Cappadocia, to the attention of vehicle lovers, the best choice to get to know this geography will be a safari tour. As you know, Cappadocia is a region with natural wonders, so it is almost impossible to visit these areas by car or public transport.

That’s why we have a very good suggestion for you: Camel Tour in Cappadocia will be a great opportunity for you to discover these extraordinary beauties. As you know, Cappadocia is home to fairy chimneys formed by the erosion of water and wind. It will be an interesting activity to taste the settlements consisting of fairy chimneys and the wonderful panoramic views of the steppe by traveling with a camel.

When to Take a Camel Safari Tour in Cappadocia?

So, when is the camel tour in Cappadocia done in this interesting activity? The Balloon Tour in Cappadocia, which is highly preferred, starts with the first rays of the sun on Cappadocia. But if you want to do a camel tour in Cappadocia, the ideal time will be sunset. Wandering through the valleys of Cappadocia will become more striking when the sun sets and the redness in the sky will become more striking in the exotic atmosphere of Cappadocia, accompanied by a camel tour. ATV tours are also carried out in Cappadocia, not only for camel tours but also for safaris in these areas.

Cappadocia Camel Ride Tour
Cappadocia Camel Ride Tour

 1 Hour Camel Safari Tour 

There are 1 Hour Camel Safari Tour or 2 Hour Camel Safari Tour options in Cappadocia. To taste the camel tour experience in Cappadocia, you can ride a camel with a weight not exceeding 90 kilograms. Also, there is no security risk. To ensure your safety, you will find comfortable seating arrangements in the camel humps. If you haven’t done a camel tour before, don’t worry, your teachers will help you. Before the camel tour starts, you get the necessary information practically with short-term training.

 Where to Take a Camel Safari Tour in Cappadocia?

So, where to take a camel tour in Cappadocia, where you will taste these extraordinary landscapes? Red Valley is one of the indispensable places for Cappadocia Camel Safari tours. The Red Valley is one of the most frequent destinations for tourists who do not want to miss both the sunset and the sunrise. At the same time, the valley has a walking track with a length of approximately 5 km. In other words, it appeals to both those seeking peace and those who love adrenaline. Who wouldn’t want to watch the red sunset accompanied by a camel tour of the vast fairy chimneys of Cappadocia?

The second important point for a camel tour in Cappadocia is Gulludere Valley. Traveling with a camel tour in this valley, which is home to many historical monuments, will be an experience that takes you back centuries. So what are these important historical artifacts? Three Crusaders Church, Yovakim – Anna Church, Crusader Church are some of them.

Another stop we will talk about is Cavusin Village, one of the oldest settlements of Cappadocia. A camel tour will be a great opportunity to explore the living spaces made by carving fairy chimneys of Christians who took refuge here to live their religion comfortably in the Roman period. Also, an area with wonderful views for photography lovers is Cavusin Village. At the same time, it will be a great stop for art lovers with the pottery and ceramics traditions still maintained in Cavusin village. Here you can attend pottery workshops or visit colorful shops if you wish.

Cappadocia Camel Tour Prices, Routes
Cappadocia Camel Tour Prices, Routes, Goreme, Urgup

Marriage Proposal in Cappadocia

Vineyards, fruit trees, and fairy chimneys, the pupils of Cappadocia… Here is a wonderful valley, Love Valley, where you can photograph them all in one frame! Of course, when Cappadocia is mentioned, it is not possible to stop by the Love Valley. Of course, there is a reason why the valley, which is a frequent destination for photography lovers, is also called Love. Love Valley is also in the first place with its wonderful view for those who want to propose marriage in Cappadocia. You may have heard that this region is also called the “Land of White Horses”. In addition, a final warning, only the roads that camels can enter will be preferred in the areas to be visited.

 What are the Prices of the Camel Safari Tour in Cappadocia?

So, what are the prices of this magnificent experience for the Camelride Tour in Cappadocia? You will find many price options in the list we have prepared for you. Camel Tour Prices in Cappadocia start from 25 €. If you want to visit Kılıclar Valley, Gulludere Valley, Kızılcukur Valley, Cavusin Town, Love Valley. With a camel tour for 2 hours, you need to pay 30 €. If you want to join a one-hour tour, you need to pay 25 €.

Also, transfers are free on most tours. In other words, you will be picked up in front of your hotel for the safari tour and then dropped off back to your hotel with a free shuttle service at the end. There is a free parking option for those with a car. If you can’t attend the tours, if you want to have a photo of me, you can taste this experience even if you don’t have the opportunity to visit for a fee of 5 € for short periods of 3-4 minutes.

 How Should I Dress on a Camel Safari Tour in Cappadocia?

What kind of clothes should you choose during this 1 or 2-hour journey? Although safari is mostly preferred at sunset in Bozkır, the power of the sun should not be forgotten. Maybe you can help get rid of sweat by taking 1 or 2 towels with you. Also, don’t forget to take lots of water with you, after all, this is a camel tour. Don’t forget your selfie stick or tripod with your phone for comfortable shooting on the camel.

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