Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour

Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour

First of all, While talking about visiting the Mustafapasa town in Cappadocia, it is impossible not to mention the Private Mustafapasa Tour.

Although not as famous as Urgup and Goreme, the Mustafapasa region is one of the most beautiful places to visit with its historical richness and texture. Most people are also familiar with the places to visit in Mustafapasa from the buildings that are the subject of movies and TV series. Mustafapasa town is a rare town that has managed to preserve its old texture and also has not broken its bond with its past.

With private Mustafapasa Tour in Cappadocia, you will also have visited the important structures in the region. A guide will accompany you on the Private Mustafapasa Tour. The guides who have been in the region for a long time, accompanying you on your private trip.

Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour Information

In the Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour, you will first be picked up from your hotel and also brought to the region. After your pick-up, lunch will be served. After having your lunch, you will visit the remarkable and historical buildings in the region with a private guide. Private Mustafapasa Tour is done with a vehicle. After the tour is over, your transfer will be provided by the vehicle that brings you back to your hotel.

Where Will You Visit With Private Mustafapasa Tour?

Guided Konstantin and Helena Church in Mustafapasa Village, Mehmet Sakirpasa Madrasa, St. Nikolaos Monastery, St. Vasilios Church, St. Basil’s Chapel, Cappadocia Art and History Museum, Gomeda Valley, Balta’s Place (Hidden Valley), St. Grigorios Church, Marasoglu Bridge, and Asmalı Konak. You will visit famous places such as You can ask any questions you want to our guides, and you can satisfy your curiosity and also questions about the buildings.

You will get to know the region better with the Private Mustafapasa Tour. One of the most distinctive differences that distinguish this tour from other tours is that you spend more time and more private time in the region.

Mustafapasa Village

Mustafapasa is an old Greek town located in the Cappadocia region. The town is formerly known as the Sinasos “City of the Sun”. During the Ottoman period, the Greeks of Istanbul used the area as a summer residence.

Before the population exchange, wealthy Greeks dealing with trade were in the majority in the town. The people living in this region made their living by making wine and also making medicinal products. Greeks who come to Sinasos every summer have built beautiful stone houses. It is known that there were about 700 stone mansions in the region until the population exchange. It is said that the architecture of Sinasos came from Syria and Mardin, where the stonework was used so neatly and similarly. The similarities of the buildings in Sinasos and Mardin confirm these rumors.

History of Mustafapasa Village

With the population exchange in 1924, the Greeks living in the region were sent to Greece. The Turks, who replaced the Greeks, were settled in the region.

After 1924, with the population exchange, the name of the region was changed to Mustafapasa. They give the name of the person who brought water to the village for the first time in 1800, Mustafa Pasha. This name is approved by the decision of the village council of elders. And also the demographic structure of the region is also beginning to change.

Since 2000, Mustafapasa Municipality has been in communication with the Greek compatriots of the village who went to Greece. Mustafapasa Municipality invites the grandchildren of Sinasos people to the region every year. The grandchildren of the Sinasos people, who come to visit the region every year, enjoy the region and Cappadocia.

The town’s municipal status ended when the population in the area fell below 2000 inhabitants in 2013.

Mustafapasa Village, which was declared a tourism city in 1981, has approximately 93 houses and 30 churches and chapels today. In addition, Mustafapasa Village is a town worth seeing as much as other regions of Cappadocia with its mansions and also the historical texture that has been the subject of TV series. A visitor to Mustafapasa Village cannot complete the structures in the region in one day. We hope you take lots of photos and enjoy the moment.

Where is Mustafapasa Village

Mustafapasa region is one of the most beautiful towns of the Cappadocia region. It is located within the provincial borders of Nevsehir. Therefore, Mustafapasa is a town in Urgup where the majority of its population was Greeks. The town, which is approximately 25 km away from Nevsehir, is approximately 5 km away from Urgup.

How to Get to Mustafapasa Village

Mustafapasa Village is also an old Greek village in Nevsehir’s Urgup district. Mustafapasa Village, which is 25 km away from Nevsehir, is approximately 5 km away from Urgup. You can reach the region from Nevşehir Airport in approximately 55 minutes. If you are also going to use Kayseri Airport, you will step into Mustafapasa in about 70 minutes.

We recommend that you take a day off to visit Mustafapasa. This means that you will see many beauties in one day. Because the places to visit in Mustafapasa are also almost very close to each other.

To reach Mustafapasa Village, you must first arrive at Nevsehir Bus Terminal. Afterward, you can reach Mustafapasa Village by taking the shuttles that depart from the bus station to Urgup or Mustafapasa. You can also reach the area with your private vehicle. You can reach Mustafapasa Village by following the Nevsehir-Ortahisar-Urugp-Mustafakemalpasa Village signs.

Places to Visit in Private Mustafapasa Tour

In the Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour, Mustafapasa region, it is possible to see the historical heritage that has been preserved until today, especially the buildings abandoned by the Greeks. In addition, the valleys in the region fascinate those who see them with their unique landscapes. This historical heritage, which is intertwined with nature, is worth seeing. We would compile some of the must-see places in Mustafapasa and also some information about these places for you.

Constantine and Helena Church

Constantine and Helena Church was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmet I. It was restored during the reign of Abdulmecit I. The church is said to belong to the royal family of Constantine and Helena. Even if it was restored, the drawings on the walls of the church faded over time.

St. Vasilios Church

St. Vasilios Church is said to have been built in the 19th century. After it was restored, it was saved from the ruins and also was able to reveal its true beauty. It is a monastery church carved into the rocks. It is possible to see pictures of saints and apostles on its walls. The fresco of St. Yuannus, which is only found in this church, makes the church important for Christians.

Gomeda Valley

The Gomeda Valley is one of the most worth seeing places in the region. The valley is crossed by many tunnels. The tunnels do not receive light. Therefore, These caves, which used to collect rainwater, are now used to irrigate poplar trees. The caves of the valley are frightening. There are not many fairy chimneys in the region.

Asmalı Konak

Asmalı Konak is the name of the mansion where the series was shot. The mansion currently serves as a museum. In the mansion, decorations, clothes, and also many other things related to the series are exhibited. Although Dillere is rosewood as Asmalı Konak, its real name is Old Greek House. The Greeks constructed the palace in 1887.

Cappadocia Art and History Museum

Cappadocia Art and History Museum are also known as Bebek Museum. Approximately 3000 dolls made by Sibel Radiye Kul’s own hands are on display. Dolls represent legends and epics in Turkish history.

Mehmet Sakirpasa Madrasa

Mehmet Sakirpasa Madrasa was built in 1900. It is the most important Ottoman artifact in the region. It is currently used as a vocational school.

St. Nicholas Monastery

St. Nicholas Monastery was built between fairy chimneys and also vineyards. It is not known when it was made. The monastery also has 41 cemeteries. However, it is thought that it was looted because some of the tombstones were broken.

Private Mustafapasa Tour Prices

For a person who wants to join the Private Mustafapasa Tour, the prices are around 120 €. This tour is more expensive than other tours. The tour is conducted in VIP vehicles. You become a group of 3-4 people instead of a crowded trip. Families are usually the ones who prefer it. You get service from the most luxurious restaurants in the region. The guides are knowledgeable in every detail in the region and can explain this information in several languages. Although it is a tour mostly preferred by foreigners, domestic tourists are also interested.

Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour Reservation

If you want to get to know Mustafapasa better, the Private Mustafapasa Tour is for you. Unlike other tours, this tour allows you to spend a lot of time in Mustafapasa and also learn the details about Mustafapasa. It is especially ideal for small groups who want to be away from the crowds, or for those looking for a family trip-style excursion. There is no doubt that you will be welcomed warmly and welcome throughout the tour.

First of all, you will be transferred from your hotel by private vehicle and also you will be taken to a luxury restaurant for a meal. Afterward, you will tour the region with private vehicles and also a guide. After the tour is over, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

You can also make a reservation for the Private Mustafapasa Tour on any date and at any time. Weather is not important for this tour. If you have any problems with your reservation, you can contact the authorities. You can get an easy refund.

Mustafapasa Hotels

If you want to stay in a quiet place in the Cappadocia region where you can feel the texture of the region, you can choose Mustafapasa. In the Mustafapasa region, several of the historic Greek buildings are utilized as hotels. Architecturally, these hotels are almost the same as the mansions you visit and also will give you a taste of the old Greek atmosphere. All hotels offer free breakfast and free cancellation options. Almost all hotels have parking. We have listed some of the most preferred and admired hotels in the region for you.

Seraphim Cave Cappadocia

Seraphim Cave Cappadocia, protected by the Ministry of Culture, is a mansion built in 1853. The hotel offers a luxurious and also majestic experience with the interior of a cave.

Demisos Caves

Demisos Caves is one of the most preferred hotels in Mustafapasa. The boutique hotel promises its customers a mystical and also colorful environment and plenty of satisfaction. It is about 5 minutes away from Urgup.

Jerveni Cave

Jerveni Cave offers its customers different options from standard rooms to cave and also luxury rooms. It is one of the most preferred hotels.

Cappadocia Estates

Cappadocia Estates is among the authentic and historical buildings of Cappadocia. Like and also other hotels, the region is famous for its cave hotel rooms. There are works of art on the walls of the rooms.

Helios Cave Hotel

Helios Cave Hotel has created its rooms with Ancient Greek architecture. Also there are many room options. This allows you to find an affordable room.

Hotel Magic Cave House

Hotel Magic Cave House was built by reflecting the texture of the region with its stone arch architecture. You may not want to leave this hotel at all.

Mustafapasa Region and Fairy Chimneys

Mustafapasa region is a region where Greeks lived in the past and then Turks who came with the population exchange. In addition to the ancient structures in the region, there is the Gomeda Valley, which takes its name from the Gomeda Ruins. There are many tunnels and caves in the Gomeda Valley.

The reason people choose to live here is that the caves hold rainwater and make it easier for people to use the water. The region is flat and fairy chimneys are rare. That’s why people chose here and the regions around the fairy chimneys as settlements.

Mustafapasa region is a few kilometers away from Urgup, where the fairy chimneys are located. It’s okay not to come across fairy chimneys frequently in the region. Because many services provide transportation to Urgup. Also, you will never regret that the Mustafapasa region offers you a calm and historical texture.

Private Tours in Cappadocia

There are many tours to visit Cappadocia. Each of these tours addresses the different riches of Cappadocia.

You can choose the Red Tour to visit Uchisar Castle, Goreme Open Air Museum, Love Valley, Avanos Pottery Making, Fairy Chimneys, Devrent Valley. The Red Tour will allow you to visit the Northern regions of Cappadocia.

You can visit Goreme Panorama, Derinkuyu Underground City, Ihlara Valley, Belisırma Village, Selime Monastery, Pigeon Valley, Onyx Atelier’s regions with the Green Tour. On this tour, you can visit Southern Cappadocia with the Green Tour.

You can choose the Blue Cruise to explore Mustafapasa, Keslik Monastery, Soganlı Valley, Sahinefendi, Kaymaklı Underground City regions. With the Blue Cruise, you will enjoy a route of approximately 110 km.

All tours offer transfer from your hotels, lunch, and guide service.

Cappadocia Private Mustafapasa Tour Contact Numbers

Phone -> +90 534 840 4683

Whatsapp -> +90 534 840 4683

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