Cappadocia Green Tour

Cappadocia Green Tour

Cappadocia Green Tour is a tour that takes you on a unique journey with Cappadocia’s historical places, perfect fairy chimneys, indescribable underground caves, and countless valleys. If you want to get to know Cappadocia with its historical beauties, we recommend you to join this tour without hesitation. On the Green Tour, we take you around the unknown historical places of Cappadocia. You will not want to go after seeing the unique beauties of Cappadocia. In this article, we have compiled for you what you need to know and wonder about the tour to participate in this tour that smells of history. Come on, let’s examine the tour together and get information.

Cappadocia Green Tour Transportation And Operation Process

First of all, the Cappadocia green tour is the tour preferred by those who are curious about Cappadocia and want to get its unique atmosphere. It is an excellent choice for those who want to travel to Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses. Our domestic and foreign customers participating in the green tour are taken from the hotel you are in in the first step with special vehicles that we will participate in the tour. And then we set out for the tour starting route. After that, it remains to the fascinating and impressive ambiance of Cappadocia. We are confident that this tour will make you wish that I had been in Cappadocia sooner so that you could view these magnificent sights.

The places to visit in the first place with the tour; Ihlara Valley, where you will witness a different riot of colors in every season and at the same time find peace with the sound of flowing tea, will be Belisırma Village, one of the oldest settlements of Cappadocia and witnessing the past. Another historical stop, where Selime Sultan’s tomb is located, is Selime Monastery. And our last stop is Derinkuyu Underground City, which opens the veil of mystery that sheds light on the mysterious world of Cappadocia. We are coming to the end of the tour with the underground city. In addition, during the tour, we will take you back to your hotels safely, with our lunch service and tour guides, full of fun and history.

Cappadocia Green Tour Prices
Cappadocia Green Tour Prices

Services Included in Green Tour

First of all, the services included in the tour are the first questions that come to our minds. The services included in the price of this tour to the historical beauties of Cappadocia are transportation, Professional Guidance Service, Museum Entrances, and Transfers. Your expenses (Gifts etc.) things like drinks are not included in the tour price.

Cappadocia Green Tour Price, Cost?

One of the most curious things about the Cappadocia Green Tour is the price of this historical green tour. The cost of the green tour is 50 € per person. The price of the green tour does not change seasonally or seasonally, it always has a fixed fee. There will also be a small amount of discount for group participation and for those who pay cash.

Cappadocia Green Tour
Cappadocia Green Tour Prices, Routes

 In Which Seasons Are Green Tours Held?

The Cappadocia Green Tour does not have a specific season. Tours are made in 4 seasons, 365 days a year. Since Cappadocia has a different beauty in summer and winter, the number of tourists is quite high in both periods. Although seasonal conditions vary, the tour is always held. But the tourists who come prefer the spring season, when there is the sound of the birds when the green starts. The tour, which has a different energy in winter, attracts a lot of attention from tourists who come in winter.

What to Wear in Cappadocia Green Tour?

The things you should wear on the Cappadocia Green Tour vary according to the season and month you come. If you want to get the winter weather in Cappadocia, do not forget to add your coat and boots to your suitcase. But even if you say you can enjoy your trip in summer, I recommend you to wear comfortable and flying things. As the last suggestion, if you want to be stylish and take photos, definitely take a pair of sneakers with you because we will have short walks throughout the tour. In short, wearing sports and comfortable clothes will give you an advantage during the tour.

Places to Visit in Cappadocia Green Tour?

Places to visit on the Cappadocia green tour are between Aksaray and Nevsehir. Here we will first go to the Ihlara valley, which will fill you with history, fresh air and welcome you with a thousand and one shades of green. Afterward, we will stop by Belisırma Village to relax and listen to the birds chirping, the sound of the flowing tea and shed light on the past of Cappadocia. Our next stop will be Selime Monastery, one of the largest monasteries in the world. Finally, we will visit Derinkuyu Underground City, a miraculous place that has preserved its mystery from the past to the present and is one of the most sought-after tourists in the world. Let’s all go on a short journey among the rare beauties of Cappadocia.

Ihlara Valley

The first stop of our tour is Ihlara Valley, dominated by green. Although most people know the Ihlara valley as within the borders of Nevsehir, a certain border of the Ihlara valley is within the borders of the Aksaray district, which is one of the important cities of our country. In other words, this tour will pass between Aksaray and Cappadocia.

Ihlara valley is an extremely large and very wide valley. The part of our tour in the Ihlara Valley part covers a walk of approximately 4-6 km. Another important and not to be missed feature of the Ihlara valley is that it is among the largest canyons in the world. The first thing you will feel when you go to Ihlara valley is that it feels like a piece of heaven. You will reach the pinnacle of peace with the sound of the flowing tea and the chirping of birds. As soon as you enter the Ihlara Valley, the peace that fills you will make you happy, the chirping of the birds, the magnificent sounds of the insects, the pleasant voice of the people will connect you to Cappadocia.

The Ihlara Valley is a structure formed as a result of the change of the volcanic layer as a result of the eruption of Hasan Mountain centuries ago, and then the effect of many natural events and the erosion of the Melez Stream. The length of the valley is about 14 kilometers. Within these 14 kilometers, there are numerous historical churches and many historical sites. You will get to know the fairy chimneys better in the valley, you will see the traces of the people who lived in the valley centuries ago.

Ihlara Valley Churches

Ihlara Valley has managed to become the focus of attention of tourists with its vegetation. The riot of colors, chirping, and natural appearance.

All of the churches in the valley are carved into the rocks. There are 105 churches in the valley. But only 14 of them are open to visitors. Let’s take a look at the churches that are open to this visit;

  • Treealti Church
  • Sümbüllü Church
  • Serpentine Church
  • Kokar Church
  • Prinliseki Church
  • Egritas Church
  • Mast Church
  • Church of St. Gorgeous
  • Karagedik Church
  • Ala Church
  • Bezirhane Church
  • Bahattin Haystack Church
  • Batkin Church
  • St. George’s Church

Belisırma Village

The second stop of our tour is the village of Belisırma. Belisırma village is a small and old village on the edge of the Melendiz Stream in the middle of the Ihlara valley. Since the former owners of the village were of Greek origin. They named the village ‘Peristirema’, which means the first pleasant view. But later on, when it was translated into Turkish, its name became Belisırma. According to another rumor, he bought it from someone who came to the village with a silver thread on his waist. Although both are rumors, let’s answer for those who are wondering. For those who are tired after our walk in the Ihlara valley, this small village with a rare view and perfect nature will allow you to relax and relax.

There are houses used as restaurants around the village. Here, the dishes of the Anatolian cuisine, the taste of which will linger on your palate, are prepared. The village, which is the continuation of the Ihlara valley, is not just a place to rest and eat. It also has a fascinating ambiance and history that draws you in. There are approximately 14 churches open to visitors in the Ihlara valley. 7 of them are in the village of Belisırma. Since the churches are close to each other, you reach another church without getting tired. We can list these churches as follows;

    • Mast Church
    • Bahattin Samanlığı Church
    • Kırıkdamaltı Church (Saint Georgios Church)
    • Batkin Church (Acikel Agha Church)
    • Ala Church
    • Bezirhane Church
    • Karagedik Church (Saint Ermolaos Church)

 Selime Monastery

The penultimate, third stop of our tour is Selime Monastery. The monastery, which is at the end of the Ihlara valley, also has the title of the largest monastery in Cappadocia. This monastery, which welcomes thousands of tourists every year, has such beauty that you will fall in love with it. If they were to tell the unique history of Cappadocia in one place, it would be Selime Monastery. The reason why Selime Monastery was built was because of the market established in Selime, caravans were coming to Selime, and camels were taken up to the middle part of the cathedral for the safety of the caravans. Selime Monastery and Cathedral were built on top of this part to rest and worship. The monastery was built with two floors and a courtyard.

As soon as you enter the monastery, the fairy chimneys, which are the representative and pearl of Cappadocia, welcome you in the first place. Then you start to visit the Monastery, which is one of the few beauties of the world and our country, without thinking about the beauty and effect of the ambiance. Another feature of Selime Monastery is that it has hosted many societies and religions. Another important feature of the monastery is that many clergies were trained in this monastery. It has a special significance for Christians. The reason why it has special importance for Christians is that the first loud ritual took place in Selime Cathedral.

When you look at the cathedral from the outside. It will attract your attention that the upper part is made in the form of a castle.

Derinkuyu Underground City Turkey, Cappadocia

Derinkuyu Underground City is the largest underground city around. It is known that the first Christians who escaped from Roman persecution came here and lived thereby making a living space. This place is underground like a secret shelter. Entrances are made through secret doors. The reason for the construction of all underground cities is the need to defend against possible attacks and to hide as a result. When you enter the underground city, we can understand more or less what happened at that time. Due to the ambiance, the effect it left on you, and the energy of the environment in line with the information you received from our guide. and for all Turkey Tours

When people first encountered underground cities, they thought that aliens built this underground city, where such a thing could not happen. Because considering the conditions of the period in which it was built, it is a structure that is beyond impossible. Derinkuyu underground city was discovered by chance. This city consists of 4 square kilometers. However, not all 4 square kilometers have been opened to visitors. The area of ​​only 2.5 square kilometers consists of 8 floors and 7 floors have been cleaned and opened to visitors. The remaining areas are closed to visitors.

Derinkuyu Underground City Floors

To visit Derinkuyu Underground City, you must first descend 50 m from the stairs that narrow from time to time. After going down, you need to reach the 1st floor. Here, the kitchen, the wine-making area, and the living areas welcome you. Then, when you move on to the 2nd floor, you encounter a cellar, classrooms, and barn in addition to the rooms on the first floor. On the third floor, there is the Missionary school church, confessional places, and burial chambers that separate Derinkuyu underground city from other underground cities. On the 4th floor, you encounter the unique water wells, cisterns, and burial chambers, as in the previous floor.

The 5th floor appears as a section with ventilation areas. The 6th floor is just a tunnel. And finally, on the 7th floor, there is the assembly area, the church, and the water well. Also, this floor is the largest area of ​​the underground city. When you look at it, you may wonder where the end of this 9 km tunnel goes. The answer to this is that it is said that the end of the road leads to other underground cities. We end our tour in the deep well underground city. As we pick you up at the beginning of the tour, we drop you off at your hotels in the same way with our private vehicles. We bid you farewell and see you on another tour.

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