Ozkonak Underground City Turkey

First of all Ozkonak underground city is located in a town connected to the Avanos district of Nevsehir. Ozkonak Underground city is said to date back to 400 BC. However, an exact date cannot be given. It is very valuable that the temple of Zeus, which had three thousand members in the Hellenistic period, is in this city. For this reason, Ozkonak’s underground city is one of the important places that continue to live in its history. 

This underground city was mostly used for shelter at that time. Ozkonak underground city has a narrower structure compared to the others, but its entrances and also exits are made in

Ozkonak Underground City Tour Private Tours Cappadocia
Ozkonak Underground City Tour Private Tours Cappadocia

the same place. This is one of our important regions that continue to live in its history. 


Sections Inside of Ozkonak Underground City

Secondly, the most important point that distinguishes Ozkonak underground city from other underground cities is that it is one of the most functionally used works of that period. However, the passages inside are narrow and also there are three bolt stones inside. Consequently, Ozkonak underground city consists of four floors.  

Introduction Sections of Ozkonak Underground City Turkey

At the entrance of the Ozkonak underground city, it is an area the size of a gallery that first greeted us. This area was used as a barn at that time. Inside, there are parts indicated by a red arrow and a blue arrow. Of these arrows, the red one shows the down part, and the blue one generally shows the up and the exit part. As we go down, we come across four main sections and ten small rooms. These sections are also used for food storage, production, and even storage. 

Ozkonak Underground City Tour Cappadocia
Ozkonak Underground City Tour Cappadocia

Section Used For Storage In Ozkonak Underground City Turkey

Is the section on the lowest floor of Ozkonak underground city. There is a tunnel on the way down to this section. Unlike other underground cities, this tunnel has a long and narrow structure. Inside the tunnel, three large bolt stones are not found in other underground cities. The reason for the discovery of these stones is that they were used to hide from the enemy at that time. Another difference between this long tunnel is that there are holes carved in the upper part for pouring hot oil on the enemy.  

Sentry Department  

Is a part of Ozkonak underground city. Sentry is the section where grapes are crushed, collected, and also turned into wine during the Christian era.

Ozkonak Underground City Turkey In Terms Of Health

Underground cities are a structure that is troubled in terms of pressure. Therefore, those who have certain ailments should be careful. These ailments are those with blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and claustrophobia. These people are generally not recommended or told to be careful when they go.

Ozkonak Underground City Visiting Hours And Fee, Prices 

Private Ozkonak Underground City Tour fee per person: 120 €  
The price includes a private car for you and your family, guide museum entrances, and transfer. 
Ozkonak underground city is open between 08:00 – and 17:00. The closing time of the box office is 16.15.

Places To See In Avanos

  • Draw Bridge 
  • Pottery workshops- Pasabag Valley
  • Zelve Valley
  • Saruhan Kervansarayi
  • Haci Nuri Bey Mansion
  • Art Street and Bayrak
  • Tepe Belha Monastery
  • Ceneviz Valley
  • Gulludere Church  
  • Dereyamanli Church
  • Yunus Emre Memorial
  • Forest Avanos

Avanos is a district of Nevsehir Province. This is a touristic place established on both sides of the Kızılırmak. The name of Avanos has changed many times throughout history. It was used as Zuwinasa during the Hittites, as Venessa during the Byzantine period, and as Evenüz during the Seljuk period. In the Ottoman period, it was used in similar ways to Uvenez and transformed into Avanos. When we look at the root of the name Avanos, containers mean fugitives. When we look at it this way, we understand better why it is a land of pottery. It is also called the land of art and artists. For a while, the livelihood of the inhabitants of Avanos was pottery and also carpet weaving.


The suspension bridge of Avanos was built in 1973. The length of the bridge, which was built during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid, is 180 meters and its width is more than 2 meters. The legs are made of iron and wooden on it. Another name for a suspension bridge is the swinging bridge. This is the first place visited by those who visit Avanos. This bridge is a bridge that connects you with the Kızılırmak. 
As you walk on the suspension bridge, it swings you like a swing, allowing you to witness pleasant moments. You can enjoy the silence by watching the geese while walking around the riverside. This bridge is designed as a pedestrian path. Therefore, it is forbidden to ride a bicycle on the bridge.

Pottery Workshops

In the Avanos region, pottery is an art that has been going on since the Hittites. This art has come to the present day with the master-apprentice relationship. The soils of the pottery are collected from certain regions of Avanos. It contains tuff, oily clay, and soil. The pottery of clay soils, kneaded like dough by artistic hands, is one of the most valuable products of this city. 
Pottery is an art that requires mastery. The most important master of this art is Hacı Omer Taşkın. He made a sculpture in the center of the city showing this art. This sculpture, made in 1974, consists entirely of red clay. This pottery statue is the seal of Avanos and the symbol of tourism. Avanos’ livelihood at that time was pottery and carpet weaving. For this reason, a man who cannot make pottery is not given a girl. A girl who cannot weave a carpet is not accepted. This shows how important the craft was for people at that time.

How To Go To Pottery Workshops

When you take the suspension bridge in Avanos behind you and go straight across, you will see the street where the pottery is located.

Pasabag Valley 

It is located on the Goreme-Avanos road. Pasabag Valley is also called Priests Valley. The reason why it is called the Valley of the Priests is that the priests used it as a place of seclusion and hiding at that time. Pasabag valley is a big place famous for its fairy chimneys near Avanos. The fairy chimneys here have been carved into a living space. The history of these habitats dates back to the centuries when Christianity was first established. It is a very rich valley visually. Those who come here both offer richness to their eyes and also have a rich photographic archive.

Zelve Valley

Zelve Valley is located in Aktepe village of Avanos. It is the valley that gives its visitors a magnificent sight. Zelve Valley, which consists of three valleys, is the place where the fairy chimneys are most intense. Centuries ago, this valley became an important settlement and religious center for Christians.

Sections Of The Valley

There are mosques, churches, dovecotes, and also living spaces in the Zelve Valley. The mosque in the valley is made of both rock carving and cut stone. This mosque is the only example in the Zelve. The mihrab of the mosque was carved into the rock. Its minaret has four columns and a pointed head. This type of minarets is frequently seen in the minarets of the Ottoman period in the Cappadocia region. Just across the mosque is the village square where the people of Zelve celebrate and wedding ceremonies are held. 

Located in Zelve valley dovecotes are important examples of the region’s Islamic painting art. It was also decorated by the artist by the tradition and social life of the time.

Saruhan Kervansaray

It is located within the borders of Nevşehir, right next to the Kayseri and Avanos highways. The distance to the city center is 4-5 km. In 1249 II. It is said that it was built in the time of Izzeddin Keykavus. The tuff stones of Cappadocia were used in the building material of the caravanserai, like all other works of art. It is the last inbuilt by the Anatolian Seljuks. No other inns were built after that. 

Free accommodation is provided for 3 days in Saruhan Kervansaray. The fee is paid if the stay continues after three days.

Haci Nuri Bey Mansion 

It is located in the center of Avanos. Therefore It is very close to Kızılırmak. And also it was built by Hacı Nuri Bey in the 1900s. The mansion has three floors. There is an inscription with the inscription Mashallah on it. Hacı Nuri Bey Mansion is a mansion that has been going on for four generations. This is one of the best examples of old Avanos houses. It is the famous mansion used in the TV series Asmalı Konak. For this reason, it also attracts the attention of tourists. The interior of the Hacı Nuri Bey Mansion is within the scope of the living museum. It has been serving as a living museum for the last few years. The life and culture of this place are kept alive for the visitors who come within the scope of the living museum.

Art Street And Flag Hill

When you go on the right side of the museum, you can enter the street of poets. Known as 201st Street, this road got its name with the project on Art Street. On this road, you can see the articles of my writers who are famous in Turkish literature. At the end of Art Street is Flag Hill. It is one of the places with the most beautiful view of Avanos. Also, it is colloquially called Bayram Tepesi. It is one of the most dominant points of Avanos. You can enjoy the view under the giant Turkish flag. You can observe Goreme, Zelve and Uçhisar accompanied by Kızılırmak. It will be the most beautiful gift you can give yourself, offering a calm visual pleasure.

Belha Monastery

It is in the town of Ozkonak, which is connected to the Avanos district of Nevşehir. It is the first point where the Byzantines came to Cappadocia. Also, it is known as the first place where Christian education was given. Bioenergy is shown as the reason why the Byzantines built the monastery here. After discovering this important point, they first make a room around it. Then they build the monastery. And the bioenergy room is also known as the healing room. The most important feature of this room is that it provides oxygen.

The Legend Of The Monastery 

According to a legend, it was dedicated to the twelve apostles of Jesus. The reason for this is that everything is done with the number twelve. That the degree, its length, and the number of many things show twelve, made us think of this.

Sections Inside The Monastery

  • The Church
  • Kitchen  
  • Bioenergy room, healing room  
  • Dining hall  
  • Dorm  
  • School part

Ceneviz Valley

Ceneviz Valley is located in Ozkonak, which is connected to the Avanos district of Nevsehir. There is a settlement here that is about three to four thousand years old. The cavities found here were dug by human hands. Due to the nature of this region, it is difficult to build a house in the upper parts. For this reason, instead of dealing with concrete in the upper parts, people carved the lower parts and also built houses. They used easily workable tuff in its construction. This tuff is formed from the volcanic ash of Erciyes and is an easily workable material. 
There is a bridge built by Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1514 in the Genoese Valley. According to the discourses, this bridge, which belongs to the 1500s, is the bridge that was built to pass the army from here to the first Baghdad expedition.

Prices of Underground City Tours Turkey, Cappadocia

Private Kaymakli Underground City Tour

Fee, Cost, Price per person: 140 $

Private Derinkuyu Underground City Tour

Fee, Cost, Price per person: 150 $
The price includes a car, guide, museum entrance, and transfer. 

Other Underground Cities Turkey, Cappadocia

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  • Derinkuyu Underground City 

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