Cave Hotels In Cappadocia

Before we talked about Cave Hotels in Cappadocia; Nevsehir comes to mind first when it comes to cave hotels in Turkey. There are cave hotels in almost all districts of Nevsehir in the Cappadocia region. Among these districts, the most popular ones with cave hotels are Urgup, Uchisar, Goreme, Ortahisar, and also Avanos. Everyone that visits Nevsehir, wants to stay at Cave Hotels in Cappadocia. There are many reasons why cave hotels have become the center of attention. Let’s examine some of these reasons.

Why do You need To Choose Cave Hotels?

The popularity of these cave hotels stems from the fact that they have maintained the time in which they were created without being disturbed. In other words, it is not recommended solely for the aim of resting. Cappadocia cave hotels are also the focus of attention due to their historical character and the variety of options they provide. These options take us away from the traditional hotel model. It features a stunning cave design that is inextricably linked to nature.

Cave hotels with this historical and fairy-tale structure have recently become the apple of the eye in tourism. Because it offers its visitors a comfortable break that carries on with history. In addition, the fact that it does not spoil its naturalness is an interesting factor. For this reason, we can call cave hotels the most indispensable stops in the Cappadocia region. Rock hotels, stone hotels, and rock homes, stone houses are all terms used to describe these establishments. Let’s take a brief look at the history of these cave hotels, which we call historical buildings.

Cappadocia Cave Hotels Prices Urgup, Goreme
Cappadocia Cave Hotels Prices Urgup, Goreme

History And Structure Of Cave Hotels

Cappadocia cave hotels are at least as old as the existence of humanity. Namely, The first Christians escaped from the Romans and came to Cappadocia. Christians have built a shelter for themselves here to hide from the Romans. Built for concealing, these shelters have evolved into living areas over time. Volcanic rocks and tuffs make up the framework of these shelters. Human hands sculpt volcanic rocks into their current shape. Afterward, it turns into cave rooms with unique craftsmanship.

These caves were used as a residence, shelter, and living area during those times. There were even places of worship and prisons in these locations. These caves are now used as motels. However, its structure has not undergone any change. It just provides extra comfort to its visitors. So much so that this comfort keeps people alive in the light of the past. For this reason, it has become a favorite of tourists. Let us briefly examine the adapted versions of these unique structures.


Nevsehir, which is the favorite of Cappadocia, hosts thousands of tourists every year. Cave hotels in Cappadocia are usually the best choice. Being so popular did not detract from its historical structure. On the contrary, it offers all possibilities with this unique history. Transportation to Nevsehir, the favorite of Cappadocia, is provided by land. Because the airport is not in the center of Nevsehir. It is located in Turkey town, which is in the Gulsehir district of Nevsehir.

The distance between this place to Nevsehir is 25 km. However, there are taxis, car rentals, or airport shuttles at the airport. Depending on the means of transportation you choose, you arrive in Nevsehir in 30 or 40 minutes on average. Wherever you turn your head, there is a cave hotel or a cave boutique. There are good advantages that it offers us to be so many. For example, it offers the freedom to choose the place that fits our budget. Or not in the center

If you want to stay in the district, there are also accommodation opportunities in cave hotels. Now let’s come to the different experiences that these unique cave hotels offer us.

Cappadocia Cave Hotels Prices Urgup, Goreme
Cappadocia Cave Hotels Prices Urgup, Goreme

Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

Each of these historical cave hotels has a mystical atmosphere. Its hotels, whether large or boutique, do not compromise on this mystical atmosphere. This format is available in all. For this reason, visitors can have this experience wherever they choose. In addition, if you want to relax on the terraces, balconies, or gardens of the hotels, a sky with a balloon view awaits you. Thus, in each of them, an experience intertwined with both nature and history is offered to you. At the same time, you will not have any trouble in these cave hotels, neither in summer nor in winter. Because the thermal insulation inside prevents it from being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Now, let’s get some brief information about the cave hotels rooms that offer us this beautiful experience in Cappadocia.

Cave Hotel Room

Each room of the cave hotel welcomes you with a different view. Because each room has its own identity. The topographical conditions of Cappadocia, as well as the fact that the chambers are formed of carved stones, are the reasons for this. The apartments are furnished with authentic, historical textures from the area. There are traces of that period in each of them. However, the width of the rooms in cave hotels varies according to your budget.

All areas, from the sink of the rooms to the bedroom, have been prepared with a mystical breeze. The items inside have been designed with the same care. You will always feel this texture from the phone you will call the reception to the chair you will sit on. For this reason, while you are resting in the rooms, the spirit of the old times will never leave you. Even while sipping your tea in the room, you will feel like you are traveling in time. Because even the glasses used to reflect the period. As you can see, a design has been made with all the fine details in mind.

In other words, the historical texture did not remain only in the structure of the cave. It is also reflected in the rooms of the cave. In short, the magical traces of history are presented to you with a comfortable privilege. In addition to this comfort offered, it does not neglect to satisfy your soul.

Cave Hotels in Cappadocia: Goreme Cave Hotels

Cappadocia colors are usually dominant in cave hotels. Each of them contains pieces belonging to the region. Goreme cave hotels are also presented to you with this framework. All the magical atmosphere you feel while walking around the city is also reflected inside the cave hotels. For example, you can find the comfort you feel while visiting the Open Air Museum in these rooms. Or the historical atmosphere of the Pasabag Valley minimally welcomes you inside the hotel.

Cave hotels in Goreme are divided according to the budget. There are many types of rooms such as pool, jacuzzi, balcony, hammam, and terrace rooms. These rooms welcome you with a different view in summer and winter. Therefore, your viewing pleasure changes depending on the cave hotel you stay in. For example, a room with a balcony presents you with a colorful balloon feast in the sky at sunrise. Or a room with a terrace, while the balloons fly to you next to this festival.

as it offers the opportunity to take beautiful photos. In this way, you can feel like you are witnessing a fairy tale. In short, a different spirit surrounds you in every room.

Cappadocia Stone Hotel Rooms 

It usually consists of rooms with high ceilings and large areas. There are also duplex rooms. In addition to a mystical atmosphere, these elegant rooms also feature marble engravings. For this reason, it has a stylish decoration. Most suite rooms have fireplaces. The fireplace is one of the most beautiful privileges of suite rooms. Because it makes your moment special by allowing you to get into different feelings. For example, you can spend romantic moments by the fireplace in the evenings. You can enjoy coffee while reading a book. Or you can enjoy an imaginary journey by watching the fireplace.

Some of the bathroom parts of the suite rooms are both a shower cabin and a bathtub. Minibars in the rooms are generally not included in the fee. However, drinks such as tea and coffee inside are free of charge, with exceptions. Suite rooms are usually like this. However, there may be slight variations depending on the location. Because these rooms consist of natural rocks and carved tuff stones. This adds a different feature to each of them.

Cave Hotels in Cappadocia Stone Rooms

These are the later rooms. In other words, it is not part of a natural formation carved out of the cave-like the others. However, tuff stones are used in its construction. Their ceilings are usually wood-clad. This wood detail adds a little mystical air to the room. It is one of the room types that we are more accustomed to than others. For this reason, we know stone rooms as modern rooms. An important difference from cave hotels is the elevator in it. If the stone room you prefer is inside a hotel, there is mostly an elevator. This feature cannot be found in cave hotels due to its structure.

The bathroom part of the stone rooms is either in the form of a bathtub or a shower cabin. Minibars in these rooms are generally out of a concept. You can get information about this subject when you check in to the rooms. If there is tea and coffee in it, these drinks are usually offered to you free of charge.

Places To Visit In Goreme

Like other districts of the Cappadocia region, Goreme has hosted some movies. The most well-known of these is the movie Tails. The leading actors of the movie directed by Ugur Yucel are Kenan İmirzalıoglu, Olgun Şimşek and Erkan Can. The importance of this film is not just that it was shot here. It is the people of Goreme to take part in the film and act. This beautiful city should be the subject of more movies. Because Goreme keeps civilization alive in it. If we say don’t die without seeing this place, we wouldn’t be exaggerating. For this reason, places that we should not die without seeing in Goreme:

  • Open-Air Museum
  • National Park
  • Agizikarahan HAN


  • Pigeon Valley
  • Kizilcukur Valley
  • Gulludere Valley
  • Pasabaga Valley
  • Zemi Valley
  • Swords Valley
  • Balgidere -Love Valley


  • Hidden Church
  • Yusuf Koc Church
  • Durmus Kadir Church
  • Mesevli Church
  • Mirror Church
  • Chapel Of ST. Hieron

Now let’s talk briefly about the most popular of these places to visit in Goreme.

Open-Air Museum

It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985. It ruled as a monastery for many years. According to academics, this is the location where the educational system began. To the left of the Open Air Museum is Zemi Valley, while to the right is Klclar Valley. The museum covers a large portion of the region. E.g; rooms, kitchens, clergy’s consultation rooms, refuge rooms, churches, chapels. Just like in underground museums. Today, it welcomes us as an open-air museum.

How To Get to Open-Air Museum

By using the city vehicles going from Nevsehir to Goreme. Or you can contact the tour agencies in the region and get transportation with them. The distance between Nevsehir and Goreme is approximately 13 km. It takes 20-25 minutes by car.

Valley Of Swords

It is one of the most famous valleys of the Cappadocia region. It is formed by the eruption of Mount Erciyes and then opened with rain. And also it is the natural heritage of Goreme. After passing the Open Air Museum, the second part of Goreme begins with this valley. Kılıclar Valley has a walking path with a length of 2.5 km. There are two important churches inside. These; are Kiliclar Church and Virgin Mary Church. You can do a safari by ATV or horse in the area where the valley is located. If you can coincide this safari with the sunset time, the view of the valley will offer you tremendous viewing pleasure. Here you can do safari tours whenever you want. Also, it is not time-limited.

How To Get There:

It is forbidden to enter the valley with private motor vehicles. For this reason, you can reach on foot. However, near the valley; car rental, with your vehicle or tours. You can provide transportation. It is 150 meters from Göreme. This distance takes 15-20 minutes on foot.

Guvercinlik Valley (Pigeon Valley) 

One of the places that are true to its name is Guvercinlik Valley. Because this place is famous for its pigeons. Pigeon feces is claimed to increase grape yields in the area. In addition, wineries employ pigeon excrement. Pigeon eggs are utilized in the plastering of churches, according to certain talks. For these reasons, the pigeons of the valley are precious and famous. Wishing trees in the Guvercinlik valley are also noteworthy. Tourists from all over the world hang their handkerchiefs on these trees after making their wishes. Besides, the view of the valley is one of the most popular places to take pictures. Because the other end is connected to the Uchisar Valley and offers a magical picture to the visitors. The length of the distance connecting the two valleys is 4km.

How To Get There:

Its distance to Goreme is approximately 5-6 km. This distance takes 10 minutes by car. The distance between Uchisar and the valley is 1-2 km. For transportation, you can choose car rental, your private vehicle, or tour agencies.

Urgup Cave Hotels

 The cave rooms, which were used as houses in the past, now serve as a hotel for their visitors. The hotels consist of rooms with special architecture. It was built using cave and stonework techniques. All cave hotels have a mystical aura. The old furniture and local emblems help to create this mood. In addition to the mystical air, a nice area is created employing today’s technologies. Hotels have many types of rooms. Some of those; The suite is in the form of rooms with a jacuzzi, balcony, terrace, and special for honeymoon couples.

Places To See In Urgup

Urgup comes to mind first when Cappadocia is mentioned. Because this place has hosted countless TV series and movies. The most famous of these is the series Asmalı Konak, which tells about the love of Bahar and Seymen. These TV series and movies made us love Urgup even more. However, the real importance of Urgup is its hosting of history. There are many buildings and areas in Urgup that will reveal the history to us. Some of these structures and areas to visit are:

  •  Three Beauty
  • Mustafapasha
  • Kadi Castle
  • Sarihan Caravansarai
  • Mazi Underground City
  • Altinkapi Tomb
  • Temenni Tomb And Monuments


  • Red Valley
  • Pink Valley
  • Pancarlik Valley
  • Gomeda- Valley

Churches and Monasteries

  • Balkan Churches
  • Cemil Village Churches
  • The Church of Aziz Theodore-Tagar
  • Kirksehitler Church
  • Hallac Monastery
  • Keklik Monastery


  • Ortahisar Museum of Ethnography
  • Cappadocia Art and History Museum

There are many places to visit in Urgup. Let us briefly examine the Three Beauties and fairy chimneys, which are the most visited and wondered places among these places.

Three Beauty

The first stop of Urgup’s precious pearl and those who want to travel is the Three Beauties. Three beautiful pearls with hats that defy time in the middle of the steppe. Rain or wind did not harm this unique structure. This unique structure has important differences from other fairy chimneys. Legends about it, such as the hats on its tops and its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list. True to its name, these Three Beauties are one small and two large. It has a strong and upright structure. At the same time, it also gives the impression of endless. However, under this structure lies a sad family legend covered with dark clouds. Every time you look at the Three Beauties after reading this legend, your heart will break a little.


Is it possible to witness such a long history and not have a legend about it? Of course not. There are not only one but many legends about it. Let’s talk about the legend, the most famous of which is the king’s daughter. The king, who once ruled here, had a beautiful princess daughter. This beautiful princess rebelled against the hierarchy of the period and fell in love with a shepherd. The king did not think that this change of mood of his daughter was a temporary fad and did not act on it.

However, his bewilderment and uneasiness caused fear in him. For this reason, he did not give up his precautions and followed the situation of his daughter. But the situation did not progress as expected. Because her daughter continued to be persistent in her decision. Afterward, the king broke his silence and did not do what befits his name and angrily opposed the angry person.

This is the legend, how could our beautiful princess fall in love with a shepherd? While there are so many men who will suit her and show her wealth in front of her… As you can see, our rich girl has found a place for herself in this legend as well. However, our princess did not listen to the order of the period, but to the voice of her heart. She took everything she had and fled to the shepherd and they became a happy family together.

They have established. However, this legend did not have a happy ending as in fairy tales. Because our princess went to visit her father with her family so that she could find her period. Seeing the princess coming, the murderous soldiers turned her and her family into stone on the spot. Thus, they left us a sad Three Beauties painting in the middle of the steppe.

Fairy Chimneys

The formation of fairy chimneys dates back to almost sixty million years ago. The eruptions of the adjacent volcanoes created this structure. Natural forces such as rain, wind, and flooding, on the other hand, eroded the building to create the current cone shape. For the popes of the period, it served as a shelter, a living room, and a resting spot. Some fairy chimneys have been transformed into cafes, restaurants, shops, or hotels. There are many fairy chimneys in the Cappadocia region. However, some of them are more interesting. Let’s examine some of these interesting fairy chimneys.

Fairy Chimney In Camel Silhouette

At the beginning of the interesting fairy chimneys is Devret-Imagination Valley. Because there are many examples here such as Napoleon’s hat, bride and groom, king’s crown, whirling dervish, and eagle figures on a rock. The most striking of these is the camel silhouette. It resembles the hump down to the detail. Whichever side you look at, the same silhouette is visible. There are not only interesting fairy chimneys in Devrent Valley. There are also fairy chimneys that take on different shapes when you look at them. These fairy chimneys, which you see with the reflection of the shape that comes to life in your dreams, are kind of special for you. For this reason, it is also called Dream Valley.

Where Is Devrent Valley?

Devrent Valley is located in the middle of the highway between Urgup and Avanos city. It is approximately 10 km from Avanos and approximately 6 km from Urgup. You can also reach here by following the Pasabag and Zelve valleys.

Three Head Fairy Chimneys

It is in the Open Air Museum in Pasabag Valley. Mushroom Head or Three-Headed Fairy Chimneys are other names for it. It was used as a retreat by Pope Saint Simeon. It’s a chapel dedicated to him. Crosses are adorning the surface. It’s made of light material as well. It is said to symbolize the Holy Spirit in numerous talks. In other words, in the belief in the trinity, which consists of the father, son, and holy spirit. As a result, the Three-Headed Fairy Chimney became a holy place.

Where Is Pasabag Valley?

Its distance to Nevsehir is approximately 30 km. You can reach the valley by using the Avanos-Goreme direction. It is beyond the village of Cavusin and behind the Zelve valley.

Mantarkaya Fairy Chimney

Another fairy chimney with an interesting appearance is Mantarkaya. The fairy chimney, which looks like a mushroom, is located in Acıksaray Ruins. It has taken this shape with the pebbles brought here by the rain and winds that occur in the region. It has such a fairy-tale appearance that it gives a feeling of living in a cartoon. This feeling reminds me of the mushroom houses of the smurfs. Such an image and the childlike feeling it gives are unmatched.

Where are Aciksaray Ruins?

Its distance to the Gulsehir district is 4-5 km. In other words, it is located in the middle of the Gulsehir and Nevsehir main road. You can reach it in 10-15 minutes by car.

Uchisar Castle Fairy Chimney

Uchisar Castle is the biggest and highest of the fairy chimneys we mentioned. From certain slopes in Nevsehir, you can see the castle. The castle resembles a humped camel when viewed from those vantage points. As a result, Uchisar Castle is one of the most fascinating fairy chimneys. The castle’s interior served as a living center in the past. It’s also utilized for surveillance and defense.

The most astonishing characteristic of Uchisar is that when you reach the castle’s peak, you can feel a height only a balloon can feel. You can get here using the stairs. It takes 5-10 minutes to come out. You can see Mount Hasan, Erciyes, Goreme and Avanos from here. If you come across foggy weather, that day is your lucky day. Because the dense fog that covers the hill brings the clouds to your feet. This makes you feel as if you are in the clouds. It offers you a unique view even when there is no fog. If you have a fear of balloons, this hill is for you. You can enjoy a cruise by watching both the rise of the balloons to the sky and the magical history at the same time.

Where Is Uchisar Castle?

It is located between Nevsehir and Goreme. It is also approximately 10-15 km away from Nevsehir and 5-10 km away from Goreme. A ticket system controls the admission to Uchisar Castle. The museum card is not valid. If the student is 10tl full it is 20tl.

Cave Hotel Prices

Prices vary according to the concept of the hotel or the size of the room. However, the average price range starts from 50 € – to 500 € and changes according to the comfort area it offers to you.


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