Cappadocia Blue Tour

Cappadocia Blue Tour

Cappadocia Blue Tour, How would you like to go on a wonderful journey among the unique beauties of Cappadocia? If your answer is yes, “Cappadocia Blue Tour” should be at the top of your preferences for this. Blue Tour takes you into a unique fairy tale in Cappadocia. Its perfect historical texture, the unique beauty of the fairy chimneys help you discover Cappadocia from sunrise to sunset.

The blue tour usually covers the southern part of Cappadocia, namely places, valleys, castles, underground cities. This tour opens a window to the mysterious world of Cappadocia. From the mystery of the underground city, the fascinating view of the fairy chimneys, the balloons floating like a bird in the air, and of course, the valleys where you can watch the sunset and sunrise views that create a riot of colors, all of these beauties are a part of the blue Tour.

Well, in this article, we have written for you what you need to know to participate in this excellent tour and what you wonder about this tour. Let’s examine the information about the tour and the most frequently asked questions together.

Services Included in the Blue Tour

First of all, the services included in the tour are the first questions that come to our minds. The services included in the price of this tour to the historical beauties of Cappadocia are transportation, Professional Guidance Service, Museum Entrances, and Transfers. Your expenses (Gifts etc.) things like drinks are not included in the tour price.

Cappadocia Travel Blue Tour
Cappadocia Travel Blue Regional Tour

Blue Tour Transportation and Operation Process

First of all, the Cappadocia blue Tour is a great alternative for those who want to take a short trip in the history of Cappadocia. The first step for the tourists who will join the Blue Tour is to be taken from the hotel in the morning by private vehicles accompanied by a guide. After that, we can comfortably say time travel. The first places to visit with the tour are the Underground City Tour, Kızılcukur Valley, Cavusin village, and Pigeon Valley. We also have lunch at noon during the tour. After all this tour is completed, we leave you back to your hotels, enjoying the fun.

What is the Blue Tour Price?

Another curious thing about the Cappadocia blue Tour is the price of this eye-catching and historical tour. The cost of this blue Tour is 30 €. The fee does not change from season to season. It has a fixed fee. In addition, a small discount is applied for 0-6 age group participation in the tour, which is free and in bulk, or for cash payments.

In Which Seasons Are Blue Tour Made?

Blue Tour can be done in 4 seasons 365 days. Although it is mostly preferred in the spring months, tours are also made in the winter. As the conditions change from season to season, the conditions of the tour also change. For example, instead of a tour with lots of activities such as cycling in the winter, there is a tour with trekking-style excursions. In addition, in the spring, it becomes a tour with a different taste among bird sounds and flower scents.

What clothes should be worn on the Cappadocia Blue Tour?

The answer to this question changes according to the season you will participate in the tour. But usually casual and sporty things will be ideal for in-tour walks. But if you want to be a little stylish and take a picture with my high heels, we strongly recommend that you buy a spare sneaker next to your high heels. Because you may not be able to walk in high heels easily in places to visit. In addition, if you are going to participate in the tour in winter, coats, and boots should be among your clothes.

Are there any special conditions required to join the tour?

There are no special terms and conditions required to join the blue Tour and dive into the unique world of Cappadocia. Anyone who wishes can join the tour and enjoy the tour to the fullest.

Cappadocia Travel Blue Tour
Cappadocia Travel Tours

Places to Visit with Cappadocia Blue Tour

Cappadocia is one of the historical and world-renowned favorite cities. It is famous for its fairy chimneys, unique valleys, and underground cities that enchant you. Cappadocia, in other words, the fairy tale city, hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists from all over the world every year. Tourists usually choose the region they want to visit and choose the appropriate tour.

The places to visit with the tour are generally based on the southern region of Cappadocia. These are places such as the Underground city tour, Kızılcukur Valley, Cavusin Village, Pigeon Valley. Historical places, one of the rare beauties of Cappadocia, are also among the places to visit. Now let’s get to know the places to visit together with the tour.

Kizilcukur Valley

The first stop of our tour is the Red Pit Valley with its magnificent panoramic view. Well, let’s answer the question of why go to Kızılcukur valley and what to do there. It is one of the places that tourists visit when they come to Cappadocia. It also takes place at the beginning of most tour and excursion programs. The reason for this is that the valley has a panoramic view that gives a visual feast in a red-turned-color riot. In addition, the churches in the valley are another reason to visit the valley.

You can also do activities such as ATV tours and trekking in the Kızılcukur valley. Unlimited activity options are available to everyone’s tastes and preferences. It is usually a place preferred by visitors to watch the sunset. Also, when you arrive in the valley, you can take great photos and preserve the ambiance of the moment for a lifetime. It is also among the places preferred by brides and grooms for photoshoots.

Together with the blue tour, we take a 1.5-hour walk in the Kızılcukur valley. This walk is an ideal activity for us to get to know the environment better and for the information, our guide will give us about the environment and the valley. Since our guide has a great command of the region, he will convey all the beauties of the valley and other nature to us in a simple and informative way without skipping any detail.

If you want to buy gifts for your loved ones or keep memories of this magnificent day, you can buy souvenirs from the bazaar at the entrance of the valley before leaving the region.

Cavusin Village

The second stop of our tour and one of Cappadocia’s favorite tourist attractions is Cavusin village. Cavusin Village, located on the Goreme-Avanos road, is located at the beginning of Cappadocia’s tourist attractions. It is a place that has witnessed history and experiences. It is one of the oldest settlements of Cappadocia. The Christians who lived here at the time settled in this region to escape from the oppression of the Romans and to fulfill their religion and worship more comfortably. They carved the inside of the stones in this region and built shelters and living spaces for themselves. Local people continue to stay here.

In the town of Cavusin, the village square welcomes you at the entrance. Around the square, living spaces carved into fairy chimneys await you with all their beauty. In addition, historical ruins and historical churches take you on a short journey into the past. These historic churches are:

  • Cavusin Church
  • Church of the Three Crusaders
  • St. John’s Church
  • The Crusader Church
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • kolonlu Church
  • Cemallarin Church
  • Uzumlu Church
  • Hidden Church
  • Gidilarin Church
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • John the Baptist Church

We finish our tour in Cavusin town and have our lunch in our restaurant. Then we continue our tour from where we left off.

Underground City Tour Turkey, Cappadocia

As we approach the end of the Blue Tour, our penultimate stop is the Underground cities. The underground city tour covers an average of 2-3 km of walking.

This is the part of the tour that sheds light on the mysterious world of Cappadocia, which are the most interesting structures of Cappadocia. Although it is known that there are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia, this number is estimated to be around 150-200. The purpose of these underground cities is that there were too many attacks on the city at the time, and therefore the need to hide. Almost all houses have secret passages to these underground cities.

Each underground city seems to open its doors to a separate world. How these underground cities were built is still a matter of curiosity today. Although it is not known exactly, there is little information about how it is done. First of all, underground cities can only be built on volcanic tuff land. In other words, underground cities were built on volcanic tuff land by carving the rocks down the rocks. In addition, considering that there are underground cities built under the villages in Cappadocia, the number of these underground cities is likely to be higher than the estimated number.

Underground City Information

In addition, it is useful not to skip this information. Since the underground cities are suitable only for the geological structure of Cappadocia, they are unmatched anywhere else. It attracts those who are interested in history and, in a way, geographical formation, to travel from all over the world, as it has no equal. It is also useful not to miss this detail, only the big underground cities can be visited easily. As the others are small, they cannot be entered into large groups. And even if the area is narrow, it is forbidden to enter because it is not possible to move comfortably. The floor numbers of large underground cities usually vary between 2-4.

If you want to go to the underground city by your means, not within the tour, you have to pay 5 $ per person as the entrance fee to the underground city. However, teachers and students are given free admission. In addition, if you have a museum card, you can visit this magnificent historical place free of charge. If you want to join the tour, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the entrance fees to the archaeological sites and museums are included in our tour price. Therefore, by joining our tour without any payment, you can get acquainted with the environment and get countless information about the underground city, accompanied by our guide.

Pigeon Valley

The last stop of our blue Tour in Pigeon valley. Pigeon Valley has become a frequent destination for millions of tourists for years. The sunset view that can be watched from Uchisar Castle, together with the flying balloons creating a riot of colors in the air, shows us wonderful views. This place got its name from pigeons. The benefits of pigeon manure for grape growing are noticed in this region where grapes were grown in the past. And here pigeon nests are carved into the rocks and pigeons are allowed to come there. And it’s called Pigeon Valley for this reason.

In addition, there is a waterfall flowing in the valley that feels like a piece of heaven. It is also useful to mention an important point. There is no drinking water in the valley. Therefore, you must bring your drinking water. The valley can be visited on foot or by bicycle. Even though the slightly rough terrain may force you to walk, it can remain a fun memory. Uchisar Castle, where you can watch the sunset at the top of the valley and feel Cappadocia under your feet, is also located here.

Pigeon Valley Entrance Prices

The entrance fee to the castle is 1 $ per person. But museum cards are not accepted here. But when you enter the castle, we guarantee that you will be enchanted by this view. In addition, the tree with the evil eye bead, which is very famous in the castle, accompanies you. It is believed that single girls standing under the evil eye bead tree will find the person they will marry as soon as possible and establish a home. This is a rumor it is up to you to believe or not, but if you tie a ribbon when you go there, the tradition will not be broken.

It’s time to complete our tour in Pigeon valley and return to our hotels. We were picked up from our hotels on the way back, and on the way back, we accompany you with our private vehicles to your hotel.

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