Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour

Before we talked about the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon; Cappadocia is a region formed by lava and ashes millions of years ago. It was formed by the erosion of the soft layer by wind and rainwater. It has hosted many civilizations and civilizations. The Cappadocia region is one of the places where the heart of tourism beats for Turkey. Various events and activities are held in the Cappadocia region for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Cappadocia ATV tour, Jeep safari tour, horse tour, camel tour, Turkish night, underground city tours, blue tour, red tour, and many other fun activities can be listed. However, when Cappadocia is mentioned, the first and indispensable thing that comes to mind is the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon tour, and when Cappadocia is mentioned again, the image of a lot of balloons floating in the sky and catching a perfect harmony with fairy chimneys comes to life in everyone’s eyes. Balloon tours, which attract the attention of both local and foreign tourists and excite them, are one of the activities that help Cappadocia to make its name known in the world.

The geography, where Eastern and Western cultures coexist, brings together many traditional activities with its visitors. At the same time, the retro image of Cappadocia fascinates the visitors. Cappadocia balloon tours, which we can define as impressive and nostalgic sky travel, started in 1988 for the first time in history. The journey, which has become even safer by improving itself from the past to the present, offers its guests the most beautiful view in the world. This journey is where you will feel the freedom to your bones; The happiest moment of your life is waiting for you to be a memory you can remember with a smile.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour Prices
Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour Prices

When is the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour?

One of the most curious subjects of travelers who want to experience the adventure of a balloon tour in Cappadocia is when the balloon tour is held. This journey, where both excitement and fear are experienced at the same time, welcomes its lovers in all seasons. The important thing in the balloon tour is the wind conditions rather than the season. Balloon tours are not organized in Cappadocia on days when uncontrolled and strong winds prevail. Because whether the balloon takes off and follows the determined route takes place with the guidance of the wind. The variability of wind conditions may prevent a healthy balloon tour. This shows that balloon tours cannot be done on sunny days and balloon tours can be made in winter.

The advantage of doing it in the summer is that strong winds are very rare. The most suitable months for the question of when to do the Cappadocia balloon tour are; It can be listed as January, April, May, October, November.

Cappadocia Balloon Tour Hours

In Cappadocia, which welcomes its visitors with its unique scenery in four seasons, the balloon tour is carried out in two different time zones a day. The first is held between 05:00 and 05:30 in the morning. If you want to witness the sunrise and the dance of the sky with colors, you can join the first flight. The second flight is arranged between 6.30-7.30. This flight takes place after sunrise. The reason why flights are preferred in the early hours is that the sky is calmer. At the same time, since the wind is softer during this time, landing at the desired place is easily achieved.

Cappadocia Balloon Tour Prices Hours
Cappadocia Balloon Tour Prices Hours

General Directorate of Civil Aviation decides the suitability of all-weather and wind conditions. If the conditions are suitable, approval is given for flights around 04:00 before the flights start. There are 3 different resolutions available. The first is the red flag decision where the conditions are negative, all flights are canceled; secondly, the yellow flag decision, balloons are kept waiting, suitable conditions are expected to occur, and finally, green flag flights can take place. As soon as you decide on the green flag, you can begin your legendary journey. The Civil Aviation Authority updates the flight status decisions on its website every half hour.

This shows that safe conditions are provided for the Cappadocia balloon tour and each unit acts by the rules. What are you waiting for to experience peaceful moments on your safe journey and to capture great photo frames?

 Are you ready to experience the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour?

You can feel the fascinating aura of Cappadocia and leave yourself freely in the arms of the sky. To experience this journey, you must be on standby early in the morning. The company with which you will do the balloon tour will pick you up early in the morning and take you to the point where the balloon departure will take place. Balloon experts and pilots begin to perform the necessary procedures for the balloon to take off. In the meantime, you can have your breakfast and wait for the time of the exciting journey to come. After all the preparations are completed and all the necessary approvals for the flight are obtained, you can start boarding the baskets.

Although the balloons have an average capacity of 10-20 people, they can take up to 28 passengers depending on the size of the balloon. There are 4 sections in the balloon and each section can accommodate a maximum of 5 people. After the balloon takes off, you will witness unforgettable moments among the clouds. The Cappadocia balloon tour, where you will feel the freedom to your bones, takes a minimum of one hour. This may take up to an hour and a half. You can take as many photos and videos as you want during this period. The balloons, which can go up to a height of approximately 1400-1500 meters, can be lowered up to 1000 meters so that you can see some areas more clearly.

Most of the hot air balloons take off from Goreme, which is considered the center of Cappadocia. Then, Urgup, Avanos, and the valleys in these areas will impress you with all their beauty. At the same time, you will witness the magnificent view of fairy chimneys. As for where the balloon will stretch, there is no definite region. Although there is a pilot on the balloon, the wind usually determines the course. After the flight is over, a small celebration is held by each tour company. Here you will be served drinks and snacks.

Is Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour Safe?

Domestic and foreign tourists, who come to visit the historical places of Cappadocia and be enchanted by it, do not want to go back without doing a balloon tour here. But on the mind of many guests, “Is the Cappadocia balloon tour safe?” has a question. Many people postpone the balloon tour, which is safer than the plane or bus trip they come to Cappadocia, because of their fears. This great misconception needs to be corrected. Hot air balloon flights are considered the safest air sport by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI). Hot air bolus flights have been made in Cappadocia for many years and accidents are almost non-existent.

At the same time, balloon tours are carried out in a supervised manner under the control of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority. All safety precautions determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are complied with. In case of a situation that endangers safety and security, flights are stopped. In addition, the control of hot air balloons is provided by expert pilots. All pilots have internationally valid licenses and renew these licenses every two years. In addition, passengers participating in the balloon tour are also provided with aviation insurance. Join this unique journey with a great team of experts and with all the appropriate conditions!

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour Prices?

Cappadocia, which offers a completely different view in every season, mostly includes hotel transfer, breakfast, and balloon certificates. Although the prices are updated every month, for the year 2022, on average, it is in the band of 1 March-1 April 110 €, Summer prices are 140 €, and after summer new season will be 160 € per person in Turkish currency; It can be said that it is around 110 € – 160 € Euros in euro. To elaborate further, on average; Standard flights start from 110 € after march, comfort flights from 120 €, ultra comfort flights from 130 €, and special flights from 400€. Children are also charged and the rates are the same as for adults.

Currency volatility also affects price changes. At the same time, prices differ according to the type of balloon and the number of people. Tour companies may organize periodic campaigns. By following these campaigns, you can make a Cappadocia balloon tour at much more affordable prices. It is recommended that you do not leave your reservation to the last day during peak season. You can make extra requests on special days. You can also have personal requests for the Cappadocia balloon tour. Fees for such organizations vary. Small size balloon tours consist of a small group of five people together with the pilot. It takes an hour and a half on average and its price is higher than other tour prices. Medium balloon tours are for groups of 16 people, including the pilot. Medium-size balloon tours take an average of one hour and are less expensive than small-size balloon tours.

The Best Gift for a Lover: Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Cappadocia has witnessed many excitements and unforgettable moments as well as being home to many civilizations. In a geography that smells of history, sometimes one more year has been lost from life, and sometimes there have been steps taken to a new life. Cappadocia balloon tour has often partnered with these special moments. Many guests visiting Cappadocia have succeeded in making their loved ones happy with surprises that will add excitement to the excitement of the balloon tour.

These surprises were loved so much that special organizations began to be organized for the Cappadocia balloon tour. Especially young couples prefer the Cappadocia balloon tour to propose marriage. In the Cappadocia balloon tour, which turns into a perfect feast with a great organization, marriage proposals often result in the decision of couples to have their honeymoon in Cappadocia. In addition to these organizations, extra services are also provided, and the guests are happily departed.

Who Cannot Join the Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

One of the questions on the minds of many Cappadocia lovers and balloon tour enthusiasts is “Who cannot join the Cappadocia balloon tour?” is. All individuals aged 6 years and older can participate in the Cappadocia balloon tour. Children under the age of 16 can participate with family members. All mentally and physically healthy individuals can also participate. For the balloon tour, the guests must meet certain health criteria. First of all, he had surgery recently because he would be standing for a long time, about 1 hour; It is not recommended for people with symptoms such as problems, illness, pain in their feet or legs to participate in the balloon tour.

This is not recommended for individuals with mental health and mental stability, and especially for guests who are pregnant, to participate in the tour. It is not recommended for individuals who can survive with tools such as crutches to participate in the Cappadocia balloon tour. The balloon can sometimes make hard landings, and therefore, taking into account all possible situations, the specified persons are not allowed to participate in the balloon tour for their safety and peace. Although they cannot participate in the Cappadocia balloon tour, they can benefit from dozens of different activities that take place in Cappadocia.

 What to Wear on the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour?

You need to prepare a perfect suitcase to travel every inch of this geography, which will impress you with its natural beauties, to step at every point and enjoy the sky. If your preference the Cappadocia balloon tour in winter, it is recommended to dress very tightly. It is recommended to bring extra clothes such as underwear, a thermal blouse, thick socks, a scarf, beanie. Even in the spring, you should take into account that the air temperature will decrease during the balloon tour.

Since the balloon tour is both early hours and the balloon will rise, you will feel the cold weather a lot. This recommendation is not only for balloon tours. Cappadocia generally has a rapid temperature transition. That’s why layering is recommended. In other words, if you need a cardigan over a T-shirt, you can think of it as a coat. When you dress from thin to thick, you can take off your clothes in case the temperature increases; If it is reduced, you can wear them again. At the same time, your comfort needs to take comfortable sneakers or trekking shoes for long walks.

How to Arrange Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

The preferred tour company is very important for a peaceful and comfortable balloon tour in Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses. Your priority when deciding on this is that the company you choose is experienced. Customer comments and ratings on tour companies’ websites can guide you at this point. It is recommended that you do a price analysis before agreeing with a company for the Cappadocia balloon tour. Don’t be put off by the low price.

You need to learn the average price and decide accordingly for a happy and peaceful holiday. The pilot who will bring you together with the sky on the Cappadocia balloon tour must be experienced. You need to learn all these details before contracting with any tour company. Balloon tours may not be included in the organization of tour companies. In this case, you can do research before going to Cappadocia or you can find out by researching the company that makes the safest balloon ride in the region. The tour company you go with can also guide you in this regard. Another issue to consider is aviation insurance. Some companies may skip insurance to avoid the expense. You should not forget to ask if there is insurance.

 What Are the Sections of a Hot Air Balloon?

There may be tourists who come to Cappadocia and return without doing a balloon tour because they are afraid, even if they want to. The main reason for this fear comes from not knowing the hot air balloon closely. The hot air balloon, whose first invention dates back to the 18th century, promises one of the safest flights. This traditional journey continues to work with the same logic as when it was first invented. The hot air balloon consists of 3 parts.

Parts of Hot Air Balloon

The first part is the part called the dome or envelope. This part, which you can think of like the balloon itself, is a light, tearproof, and nylon part. The open mouth section at the bottom of the balloon, where the gas inlet is, is made of fire-resistant Nomex. This substance is also used in the manufacture of firefighters’ clothing. The second part is the basket part. This section is where the passengers, pilot, and fuel cylinders are located. The basket part is made of thatch and is also reinforced with steel wires. In this way, it is both light and robust.

The basket section of the hot air balloon is durable and easy to repair and can be used for many years. It takes 20+1 people on standard flights. Up to the width of the basket, this number can go up to 28 people. Finally, there is the burner part. It is the part that exists to heat the dome part of the balloon. It heats the dome part with its strong fire and provides the rise. To descend, the pilot cools the air here. The rise and fall of the balloon are under the control of the pilot. The tubes in the burner part are mostly made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum.

How Does a Hot Air Balloon Work?

The basic principle in the operation of Cappadocia hot air balloons is that hot air is lighter than oxygen. For the operation of the hot air balloon, liquid propane turns into gas with the help of the burner part and fills the dome part. The cool air in the dome begins to be replaced by hot air and the balloon becomes ready for flight. Then the air inside the balloon becomes lighter than the air in the atmosphere. In this way, the flight of the hot air balloon begins. During the descent, two different methods are used. The first of these is to slowly discharge the gas by opening the evacuation holes on the top of the dome. The second method is to leave the propane gas heated during the journey to cool. Expert pilots will finish your journey safely with both methods.

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