Cappadocia Rooms With Fireplace

Cappadocia has become a popular concept in the region for people who prefer a room with a fireplace. Who wouldn’t want to spend a winter holiday in such a hotel? Moreover, with its unique structure and art, Cappadocia is a region that draws plenty of attention. You should see Cappadocia during the winter season. As every season is beautiful, the winter season is also different here. Many people want to Cappadocia rooms with fireplace in their vacation.

How nice would it be to be greeted in a room with a fireplace in Cappadocia when you come to your hotel with your sweet tiredness after participating in walking tours in winter. These structures, built with Byzantine architecture, have all the technological possibilities. For romantic and sweet memories by wood fire away from city life, Cappadocia rooms with fireplace is just for you.

Especially couples coming for their honeymoon prefer the fireplace concept in stone and cave rooms in winter. In Cappadocia, it will be very good for you to watch the fire in the rooms with fireplaces, have a sweet sleep, and chat with your loved one.


Cappadocia Hotels with a Fireplace in the Rooms


When we mention a hotel with a fireplace in the room in Cappadocia, we can recommend MDC Hotel, one of the hotels that provide the best service in the region. MDC Hotel also has rooms with different concepts. The fireplace room is one of the most preferred concepts in Cappadocia. Some rooms have fireplaces, although not all rooms.

With its unique style, MDC Hotel offers you the concept of a room with a fireplace in Cappadocia in a unique way. It is in the most beautiful region of Cappadocia, in Urgup, close to the center. Cave hotel rooms have fireplaces as well as rooms with Jacuzzis and hammams (Turkish Bath). If you want, you can stay in rooms with a fireplace, a hammam, or a jacuzzi all in one.


The fire in the rooms with fireplaces is lit by the attendants. If you want the fire to burn later, you can throw wood yourself, the fire will go out if the wood is not thrown.

Cappadocia Rooms with Fireplace
Cappadocia Rooms with Fireplace, MDC Hotel


Cappadocia Hotels with Fireplace


We can say that it is enjoyable for those who are curious about the Cappadocia fireplace hotel experience. MDC Hotel will offer you this unique experience in the best way possible. You may not want to leave these rooms with your loved ones. While the fire will warm you, sweet conversations will warm you up. You will be immersed in the hotel’s architecture while sitting in front of the fireplace fire.

You can also order plate service and champagne in your room if you wish. It will be very pleasant to have a nice meal in front of the fireplace. Don’t forget to enjoy this pleasant moment and take lots of photos while sipping your champagne slowly afterward.


Fireplace Enjoyment Cappadocia


Enjoying the fireplace becomes more beautiful in Cappadocia. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Sitting around the fire and dreaming is an experience just like in the movies. Moreover, when your loved ones are with you, let’s not enjoy it.

After visiting Cappadocia during the day, the pleasure of the fireplace in your hotel will relieve your tiredness. You can fall asleep watching the fire. If you wish, you can throw wood to make the fire last longer. Or you can watch it fade. Thus, you will enjoy a room with a fireplace on top of your wonderful Cappadocia tour all day long.

Cappadocia Hotels with Fireplace
Cappadocia Hotels with Fireplace Prices


Why Watching Fire Brings Pleasure


Various studies say that watching the fire socializes people. However, it makes people feel more comfortable as it lowers blood pressure. Fire can be a tool to strengthen people’s social bonds.

On the other hand, it is not strange at all to sit quietly in front of the fire. Watching fire is considered interesting for people. Because the scenery attracts enough attention. The crackling sounds from the fire and the smell of soot can keep you busy for hours.

On the other hand, fire was used as a basic need in the past. People cooperated to use fire. For centuries, they formed a bond by sitting around the fire. Therefore, some people think that fire has a unifying power.

A room with a fireplace in Cappadocia will make you feel good to be in front of the fire. Fire will show you that it is still a tool of communication and togetherness.


How was the fireplace found? How Was It First Used?


Fireplaces have been used since the earliest times of fire. But since the 15th century, it has been used to heat large buildings in Europe. In addition to heating large buildings, fireplaces were also used for cooking. A chimney system is necessary for the fire to go out.

Fireplaces were first used in pits dug in the ground. In ancient times, people made holes in the ceilings of the buildings and allowed the smoke to come out in this way. This primitive chimney system continued in the periods when two-story buildings were first built. Then, in the 17th century, the modern chimney system was used for the first time. Today, even though the fireplace culture is inside the buildings, there are also fireplaces outside the houses in some buildings.

Cappadocia will enchant you with its fireplace room, cave concept, and historical decor. In this mystical environment, you will witness the combination of historical decorations with modern technology.

Cappadocia Hotels and Rooms with Fireplace
Cappadocia Hotels and Rooms with Fireplace


How a Fireplace Works


Fireplaces have undergone some changes from past to present in terms of user preferences. While it was used as the main heating source in the past, it is used for decoration purposes today. Fireplaces add a nostalgic atmosphere to homes.

Fireplaces are designed to burn wood only. Woods obtained from harder woods such as oak and hornbeam are preferred as fuel. Softer trees such as poplar and willow are not preferred. At the same time, woods of resinous trees are not preferred. Because the woods of resinous trees burn fiercely. Using dry wood will be better for fireplace fire.

In addition, coal and plastics should not be used in the fireplace. In addition, the use of liquids such as oil and alcohol should be avoided to facilitate combustion. When you want to use a fireplace in Cappadocia, the staff will light your fireplace in the room with a fireplace. If you just want the fire to continue, you can throw wood. Otherwise, the fire will go out on its own.


How to Use a Fireplace


When throwing wood in the fireplace, you should pay attention to the maximum wood storage capacity. If you want the fire to burn more slowly, you should put wood after the flames are low. It is not recommended to put wood on it when the fire is hot.

But it is not recommended to throw any objects other than wood into the fireplace. It can be dangerous if the fireplace gets too hot. Children should be kept away from the burning fireplace. Also, you should not touch the burning fireplace.

Cappadocia room with fireplace offers you complete security. No danger awaits you with the fireplace. Your fireplace will be lit by the hotel staff.


Different Styles of Fireplaces


Different fireplace styles will keep you away from the cold of winter and add an authentic atmosphere to your home. The Cappadocia rooms with fireplace have fireplaces suitable for the classic and cave hotel room concept. Classic fireplaces are fireplaces that give a modern look to houses and are also used for heating.

The second is Victorian fireplaces. These fireplaces, which stand out with their handcraft, reflect the British Victorian era.

The third is rustic fireplaces. This fireplace style, which is preferred in chalets or country houses, adapts to a structure with wood and soft textures.

The last thing we will talk about is gothic fireplaces. They are the largest and most spectacular fireplaces. It harmonizes with predominantly black colors.


Room with Fireplace for Honeymoon Couples 


For honeymooners, rooms with a fireplace are very preferred in the spring and winter seasons. These rooms, created with the concept of a cave hotel, architecturally reflect Cappadocia. In addition, valuable antiques, original wooden decorations, and stonework add a different atmosphere to the rooms. The warmth of the fireplace will also warm you up in these rooms.


Warming by the fireplace fire and sitting across from it is believed to have a unifying force. It will be a start that they will never forget throughout their marriage. Rooms with fireplaces offer a pleasant experience for honeymooners.

MDC Hotel offers many different package options for honeymooners. The package includes airport transfer, open buffet breakfast, regional tours, and dinner. You can also choose rooms with a Turkish bath and jacuzzi in addition to the Cappadocia room with a fireplace.


Cappadocia Fireplace Room Reservations


If you want to book Cappadocia rooms with fireplace, you can access the reservation link on the website of MDC Hotel. After deciding on the time you want to spend in Cappadocia, all you have to do is make an online reservation over the internet.

MDC Hotel has many package options for honeymooners and other visitors. Packages include hotel transfers, open buffet breakfast, room services, regional tours, various activities, and dinner. If you want to get information about ready packages or to ask any question about the hotel, you can contact MDC Hotel.

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