Cappadocia Gondola Tour

Cappadocia Gondola Tour

Cappadocia is one of the most special places we will never get tired of visiting. Recently, with the effect of social media and its magic, it has been flooded with visitors from all around the world. Apart from sightseeing, many activities are increasing in popularity in and around Cappadocia. Cappadocia Gondola Tour is one of these activities that is just as beautiful as its location.


In this article, you can learn the details of gondola pleasure. If you want to bring a new experience into your life, it is recommended that you continue reading.


What is Cappadocia Gondola Tour?


Gondola Tour, which takes its place among ‘boat tours and water sports, is a very aesthetic activity. On the water and in the gondola, you proceed on the route and under the direction of a gondola captain. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners or those who love water sports and boat tours.


It is suitable for a family environment. In addition to this, it is a place where you can go with your lover or your spouse and friend, the people you want to be with at that moment. It is the address to get away from the modern world and rest your soul.

Cappadocia Gondola Tour
Cappadocia Gondola Tour Red River


Where to Take a Cappadocia Gondola Tour


When one thinks of Cappadocia, the places that are carved and exceeded from stones may come to mind. In fact but we cannot forget, Red River (Kızılırmak), which is a perfect fit for this trip, which most of you would guess. The apple of our eyes, Kızılırmak, is seen in all its glory around Nevsehir – Avanos.


Although Kızılırmak removes the question marks about the place, some points need attention. First, there are things to consider before going on this journey.


Depth of Red River waters (Kizilirmak) 


The height of the water is one of them. If the water and the size of the water are not suitable for the trip, it is useful to know this beforehand. These controls are carried out by companies.


Weather Forecast Around Avanos


Although a slow route is followed during the tour, the effect of the weather is great. It is tried to stay away from any negative factors that will affect the viewing distance. Again, this is controlled by the companies, and you are informed.


Characteristics of the Kızılırmak River


As we all know, the Kızılırmak river is one of the most important rivers in our country. This river, which is also observed in Cappadocia, allows activities such as Gondola and Jet Boat. It also contributes a lot to the region commercially.


The Kızılırmak River originates in Sivas and ends within the borders of the country. It has the title of being the longest river starting and ending in the country. The water was named Kızılırmak because of the reddish color of the soil it contains. It achieves this event thanks to the red clay and sandy soil structure it contains.

Provinces passed; It is in the form of Sivas, Kayseri, Nevsehir, Kırsehir, Aksaray, Kırıkkale, Ankara, Cankırı, Corum, Sinop. Among all these cities, if you haven’t seen it before, you can find the chance to meet the Kızılırmak in Nevsehir, thanks to the Gondola tour!

Cappadocia Gondola Tour Projects
Cappadocia Gondola Tour Prices, Red River Avanos


Kızılırmak Coastal Arrangement Project


The “Kizilirmak Coastal Arrangement Project”, which has been ongoing since 2011 within the scope of Avanos Municipality, plays an important role in the enrichment of this area. Activities such as recreation areas, landscaping, cleaning operations give a better perspective to the environment.


As a result of these activities, the Kızılırmak shores around Avanos are now more suitable for tourists and local visitors. The project also has an important place in the potential of tours such as Gondola or Jet Boat.

The gondolas and boats brought have been determined by tenders and put into service. As a result of attracting a lot of attention, they have become indispensable today.


How is the Cappadocia Gondola Tour


It is a very attractive experience for people who enjoy quiet activities. Includes 15-minute tours. It is an activity that you should have on your list during your Cappadocia or Nevsehir holiday.


Thanks to this trip, you can feel like you are in Venice.

It creates a romantic environment with the calmness of the water and its unique peace. This can be preferred as a couple on your vacation or trip. It can also be shared with friends as a team and turn into a good memory. This alternative is offered to you with a maximum capacity of 6 people.

Cappadocia Turkey River Tours Prices
Cappadocia Turkey Red River Tours Prices


Rules and Suggestions to Be Followed Before and During the Cappadocia Gondola Tour


The first thing to be said is that you follow the rules that are said before the trip. If you follow these rules, you will avoid potential problems. While on the river, don’t forget to take care of your electronic devices, no matter how slow it is. It is worth noting that if you drop one of your electronic devices into the water in any way, you are entirely responsible for it.

Since it includes a quiet boat tour, it may not be a serious warning for those with panic attacks, heart conditions, or pregnant women. Still, it makes sense to act by thinking about your connection with water. You can choose to wear comfortable clothes. It would be beneficial to wear it under weather conditions. Usually, you cannot neglect to take a cardigan with you. Do not forget to consult your company beforehand for possible age restrictions, detailed rules, and recommendations.


Cappadocia Gondola Tour Prices

Perhaps the most frequently asked question is the fees for these highly attractive activities. It is worth mentioning that VAT prices are included within the scope of determining the fees.

You can follow the article to learn the details. You can also contact the company and get information in case of a change in current prices. The total price is approximately 30 €. Here, this amount is also determined per person.


Activities Similar to Cappadocia Gondola Tour


Well, is Gondola Ride the only activity we can do in Cappadocia? Of course, you can carry out many activities and programs in this developing field. These can be on the water or land. Two different excursions like the Gondola Ride have been compiled below. Who knows, maybe you will like it and choose your next activity from them!


Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour


This tour is a trip you can do on the water again. It is quite similar to a gondola but more adrenaline-filled. A fast-moving jet engine and the boat might be the action you’re looking for. If you want to try something different and enjoy life more, this trip is for you!


Cappadocia Jeep Safari Tour


Do you want to be closer to history among the stones of Cappadocia, not on the water? Jeep Safari would be a great point shooter for you. By wandering around the unique artifacts of Cappadocia on the designated routes, you will be performing a quality activity.

Vehicles are not rented; they can be driven by their drivers and certain routes. For more details, please contact the company.


What To Consider When Making A Booking for a Cappadocia Gondola Tour…


It is recommended not to be late. The waters of Cappadocia, where most people plan to come on special days and holidays, are quite crowded. Even if you think long ago, if you do not reserve your place, you may miss an activity from your holiday. You can secure your place by making an early appointment. Happy holidays in advance!

Contact Numbers

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Whatsapp -> +90 534 840 46 83

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